Your unGrail Scarf/Designer

  1. Well, we've got a threads on what scarf you are wearing, what is your grail scarf, scarves with horses and others. So it got me to thinking:
    Is there any scarf or designer that you do not like and would not want even if given to you or found new "in your aunt's drawer" for instance?
  2. "Smiles in the Third Millennium", or what ever it was called. It creeps me out.......
  3. OK, it's "smiles in the third millenary" by I A Kwumi Sefidin.........
  4. Honestly I would be glad to get ANY H scarf, cause I don't have the luxury of owning one now, so I'd take whatever was given to me!
  5. tourterelles :push: whoever thought of putting pigeons on a scarf must have a sick sense of humour :wtf:
  6. LMAO...I love threads like this......
  7. :lol:...There are some of the animals scarves that don't really do it for me. But I had the K.Oliver scarves for years and was unsure about wearing their patterns, but have grown to love the colors. They are some of my favorite scarves, so never say never...I might be wearing the daschsands (sp.?) on my neck in a few years.

  8. I LOVE when my scarf SA says to me "this one is better folded..."

  9. ceres -- blech:

  10. yeah, that one makes my top 5 icky list, too.

  11. Whoa DQ, those are creepy, esp that first one. What's that supposed to be?

    I agree w/ you about the folding thing GF, but I have to say that for awhile I kept buying scarves for their full-on effect and had to train myself to do the fold prior to purchase, because otherwise I just ended up framing all my scarves....
  12. LOL.....there's one I STILL don't know the name was at my store for AGES.....chicken wire fence with torn rags all over it.......ICKY!
  13. LMAO - what's the one with the HAIR on it...THAT'S ICKY!!!!
  14. Anything with dead animals

    GF, your avatar is tooooooo cute!!!
  15. agreed!