Your Ultimate Mulberry Wishlist!


Jun 24, 2006
Hi. My name is Frankie, and I am a Mulberryholic. :welcome:

My first Mulberry was an Olive/Khaki Euston, then an Ayesha in Oak Rio mix. Then I found my first Holy Grail - Roxanne in Plum Antique Glace!!! Euston and Ayesha have since moved on, but I recently received a sister for Plum, a Black Antique Glace Roxanne!:drool:
And now.. well, now I just want more, MORE, MORE!!!

*wipes rabid spittle from mouth*

<<ahem>> :blush:
Well, what I mean is, I've become rather taken with the brand and would like to broaden my collection. I've a wishlist longer than a kiddie's at Christmas time, and don't know where to start. There are some oldies in there (choccy Bayswater), but newbies aplenty too, including Large Mabel in Aqua (damn you and your avatar, RascalCat!). :sweatdrop:

So, am I alone in my unashamed materialistic longings? Share your deepest, darkest, Darwin desires here. Let it all out.. we won't tell.. :sneaky::graucho:

Mine? First, are you seated comfortably? Then let's begin..

Bayswater in Mink or Chocolate (choc either plain or tooled)
Bayswater in Patent Bentley Grey
Mabel Large in Aqua Antiqued
Mabel Large in Pebble Antiqued
Brooke in Black
Elgin in Oak
Poppy Pleated in Navy
Poppy Large in Black
Poppy Satchel in Black or Sand
Mollie in Oak
Mabel Small Shoulder in Pebble Antiqued
Rooster Large keyring
Cat keyring in Black



Nov 30, 2006
Hello FrankieP, I'm SJ and I've a real Mulberry obsession. Treatment hasn't helped, wishlist is still as long as ever.

I started with the Helier in black congo leather about 15 yrs ago. I still have that bag. Many a Mulberry has passed through over the years only to live their days out by the seaside in Guernsey with a friend. They enjoy the sea view!
I now have a lemon Roxy; lavender Martha; mono medium Mabel; magenta Hanover; black Alana; tangerine Araline and coral Agyness.

My current wishlist (it changes regularly!) would be:
Bright red medium Mabel.
Vanilla or black Elgin.
Jodie - not sure which colour.
Black Poppy.
Navy pleated Poppy.
Something in aqua.
Chocolate Hanover.
Black Euston.
Coral zip around long purse.
Gemini keyring - it's my bday soon!
Little coral Bayswater keyring.

I'm fickle though and the list could all change with a trip to Shepton if I see something I love!


Jun 24, 2006
Ooh Olive is a gorgeous colour. I saw an Olive Elgin on feebay just a few days ago and had to tie down my bidding finger to prevent any nasty "accidents"! :sweatdrop:

That's a neat av, btw! :winkiss:

Eurgh.. I just re-read my list.. God I'm a pig!

But, at least, a happy greedy Mulberry pig!!

Maybe I'll review and refine my list tomorrow after sleeping on it, and remove those I just want, rather than need.......... YEH, RIGHT!!!


Dec 13, 2006
This is fun!

My collection is:
Elgin in Chocolate
Joni in Coffee
Araline in Black
Emmy in Oak
Bayswater in Bronze
Pleated Poppy in Navy
Roxanne in Vanilla
Mini Mabel in Black
Small Zipped Purse in Oak
Enamel Bayswater keyring in Chocolate
Seahorse keyring in Red
Luggage label in Oak
Shiny heart keyring in Gold

My wishlist is:
East West Bayswater in Purple
Milton or Milton Large Hobo in Marine
Somerset North South Tote in Putty
Jody Large Shopper in Seville or Tan
Large Mabel in Red
Blenheim in Olive
Something darwin in Black


I want to believe
Feb 6, 2008
My current collection is

oak bayswater
oak rosemary
oak phoebe
oak antony
black antony
chocolate roxanne
lavender rosemary

plus assorted keyrings and purses

I am trying to control my addiction but my conservative mulberry wishlist is:

chocolate east west bayswater
leigh pouch in emerald or fuschia
a blenheim in a colour yet to be decided
another big heart keyring, this time in fuschia
my initial keyring
May 7, 2007
Well - my current collection is:-

Chocolate Antony
Oak Phoebe
Chocolate Roxanne
Oak Bayswater
Chocolate Double Zip Wallet

My current wishlist (although it changes daily!) is:-

Black Brooke
Oak Effie
Oak or Chocolate Alana Purse
Red Lobster Keyring (small or large - haven't decided yet)
Black Ledbury
Jody (not sure of size or colour but I love the style)
Chocolate Small Mabel


May 3, 2008
TODAY my wishlist would be (can easily look different tomorrow...)

Black Roxanne (to have a bigger casual looking bag)
Red Mabel (to have a colourful bag)
Black Zinia (for evening use)
Black card holder (to go together with Zinia)
Molly is also lovely... I'd like to have one large bag that could easily be carried when wearing a winter coat....

As you can see, I really NEED these bags :yes:!!!!!!!!!!! Am I able to convince you or is it just me...?


Apr 14, 2007
Well I think you know me by now..and if not you know my bays!!!
Been a fan for a long time now.

Love Mulberry , nothing specific on my wishlist at the moment , apart from an overnight bag.
Would love a bespoke bag at some point..


Sep 9, 2006
I have become addicted to Mulberry bags in Oak. I really love how the colour becomes more rich over time. But yesterday I was in the wonderful Mulberry store on New Bond Street (the happiest place on Earth!) and I fell so much in love with a black mabel so that's nr 1 on my wishlist right now. I got a Ledbury in Oak because I really needed that more (sounds stupid maybe but I needed a small Mulberry bag).

Current collection:
Bayswater Oak
Elgin Oak
Emmy Oak
Ledbury Oak
Roxanne Oak
And I love them all dearly!:yahoo:


Supernatural Addict
Apr 5, 2008
ooo fabulous thread Frankie!! :nuts:

I too am turning into a bit of a mulberryholicy person... Fortunately i have no shops/outlets nearby to tempt me however have learned how to be ebay-savvy lol.. sooooooo

My collection to date:

choc roxanne
khaki and honey roxanne
Coconut tassled blenheim
Glace plum blenheim
lavendar blenheim
black patent smithfield
aqua mabel *nudges Frankie... feel the mabel force!! :graucho:*
oak effie
black emmy
olive ledbury
lemon ... yikes cant remember name.. will go get

Noowwww.. my wish list

GLACE PLUM ROXANNE OR BAYSWATER !!! Damn Frankie and her fabby Glace bags hee hee
Oak bayswater would be yummy
Oak Alana would be nice
Oak Rosemary too
Black pleated poppy
Cat keyring (oak or black)
maybe my initials too...
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