Your ultimate favorite piece - choose only ONE

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  1. Hi ladies!

    What is your ultimate favorite piece of jewelry? What piece would you pick if you could have only one piece of jewelry? It doesn't matter if you already own that piece or not - just let your heart speak and think of the jewel of your dreams :smile::graucho:
  2. My juste un clou bracelet rose gold w diamonds! I wear it everyday!
  3. That sounds gorgeous! Please post a pic of it :biggrin:
  4. My Cartier love bracelet in rose gold. Have been wearing it for about 8 years and never taken it off, not even once.
  5. oh my that is a tough question!!! lol
  6. My DY cable metro candy ring in yellow sapphire...
  7. My large elsa peretti bone cuff.
  8. Diamond stud with yellow gold frame from my grandma.
  9. If it's a piece I own it's the love bracelet

    Otherwise a dream piece would be either the VCA clover bracelet in rose gold or if they make a pave 20 motif rose gold and diamond necklace
  10. Piece I own: 3 ct eternity band

    Piece I'd want: 6 ct eternity band :lol:
  11. My 2ct round diamond stones ��
  12. Branded jewelry = Cartier Love in white diamond pave with black ceramic :love:

    non-branded = a pair of Imperial Jadeite bangles in a 50mm inner diameter for the left wrist and a 52mm inner diameter for the right wrist. :loveeyes:

    Chances of ever owning either of those = zero! :girlsigh:
  13. It would have to be my wedding ring. Never been off my finger since it was put on ten years ago! It's a plain platinum band, but means the world to me.
  14. If I could only have one piece of jewelry for the rest of my life it would be my engagement ring. To me it is perfect.
  15. All diamond pave Love bracelet from Cartier for sure!!