Your Treesje bags in action - COMMENTS!

  1. Cciele, I see you got a Marley! It looks awesome on you!
  2. Here's my Haze Hobo adorning my desk. I know some girls found her too large but the size works for me. What might not work for me is the slouchiness. My favorite bags are all very tailored (HH Lido, HH Trophy, RM MAB, Presley, etc.).

  3. That leather looks beautiful! Is it as soft as it looks?
  4. Right now it still a little stiff but I think with a few weeks of wear she'll be like buttah.
  5. Thanks, nikki! I got sucked into the Treesje thing :biggrin:
  6. ^ You look amazing with your new Marley, congrats!!
  7. Thank you, littlerock! I'm loving my first Treesje :smile:
  8. I brought my Marley to work today!!

  9. OMG! I want that Marley in black! beautiful bag. Treesje rocks!:yahoo:
  10. asher grande:heart: :heart: :heart: the most reliable purse i have in my closet!
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    i am usually in the RM subforum, but here are a few treesje bags i got for christmas!

    first: treesje jovi in cognac

  12. next treesje asher in navy
  13. and finally, treesje throttle in grey:
  14. Great bags laurenrr!!!
  15. My Treesje Mini Asher Twist :smile: :love:
    2011-06-04 12.02.09.jpg