Your Treesje bags in action - COMMENTS!

  1. Great lovely pics everyone!
  2. I really love that Jovi! I think the size is perfect!! I am waiting for the solei.

    Everyone looks so great with their new bags! Keep these pictures coming ladies :graucho:
  3. Yeah baghag, full size Asher. Love it!
  4. I love seeing everyone's Treesje's modeled! I really love the Jovi--thanks for the pics starkfan :smile:
  5. Looks lovely on you, stark. And coulda fooled me. You look like a size 8-10 us size to me..
  6. Ahh, you're too kind, Bay! I think it's the distorted angle, though (argh, I don't have much space in the house to take mod pics!), as I definitely can't fit US size 8-10 jeans etc. Argh, hope the pics still provide some sense of scale and how the bag looks when worn, at least... :p
  7. (Okay, I tried replying to this in my reveal thread, but I think scoobiesmomma never saw it. Sorry for reposting my reply to the above comment!)

    Thanks, scoobiesmomma!! :biggrin: Hmm, how large is the RM Rocker again? LB has measurements of 10"w x 7"h x .25"d, is that right? If so, the Jovi is a bit larger (by at least an inch in length/width and height; might have less bulging issues too, I'm not sure), and comes with an interior zip pocket for additional organisation too. (It has a dustbag as well, BTW. LB's description indicates the Rocker doesn't come with one...??)

    I think it definitely depends on how much you carry! I don't think I could go with anything smaller than the Jovi, personally speaking. I also prefer Treesje's studs, which are more 3-D and very substantial in feel, whereas RM seems to use flatter studs. Otherwise, they both have the same kind of casual, rock-chic look that's pretty similar. I do think the Jovi looks like a more unique style, though! :p HTH!
  8. I like the Jovi (well Solei really) better than the Rocker. I think it is more unique and better for everyday! The rocker is cute for going out though.

    I can't wait for a Solei (which is pretty much the same as a Jovi sans the studs..)
  9. Hey, I've seen you in another modeling pic, you def look lots thinner than you want to admit!!

  10. Well, I can only tell you that I most definitely can't fit into US size 8-10 jeans!! My size 12 Gap jeans are snug enough, attempting to fit into size 10 would be highly ill-advised... :p Thanks, though! :blush:
  11. Wow, Grkbella! Your pics are beautiful!!! That blue asher was made for you!
  12. From one Greek girl to Rock those bags!
  13. grkbella, you look gorgeous in your pics! Wow, yup, that EB really looks stunning with the Greek island blues! :drool:
  14. Lexie - Greek??? AWESOME - Do u go to Greece at all and where ur from?? U should PM me!! :smile:

    Stark - thanks!!

    Indy - I loooooooooove my asher too much that I dont think I could buy a diff colored asher. This one is def made for me :smile:
  15. ^^I'm also Greek-lol-I love your pics in Greece, GRKBELLA...and Lexie, I never knew you were Greek-Yasou! ;)