Your tpf influential purchases, big or small

  1. What influential purchases have you made after joining tpf, big or small?

    I only have a few, I can control my temptations :smile:

    LV-Damier Speedy
    LV-Soufflot in ivoire
    LV-Monogram Speedy in dune
    Dior-Diorshow mascara
    Smashbox-Photofinish primer
    Stella McCartney-Stella
    Guerlain-Pearl Meteorites
    Roberto Coin-Medium inside out diamond hoops
    Chanel-Med Classic Flap
  2. Good question. So far I can think of:

    A few Balenciaga Bags:angel:

    That darn GHD!! I saw ichelle's curls and had to have it.

    And the more I lurk in the Chanel forum the more I'm leaning towards a few new bags...

    EDIT: Just remembered Chanel's Noir Ceramic.
  3. An Hermes bag, Hermes scarves, H and more H. :graucho: Thanks, TPF!
  4. So many!! Several skin care products that helpful members have recommended. Hermes was something I'd vaguely heard of before joining tPF and now I own a Bolide! I am more interested in Chanel since joining and have a couple bags.

    Jinsun, you look beautiful in the photo in your signature!
  5. Hmmm....
    My Mirage Speedy and matching bandeau
    Blck Neo Cabby
    Miu Miu Coffer
    Balenciaga Brief

    and.....I keep lurking in the Hermes forum so who knows what is next?
  6. 1. urban decay primer potion (best purchase EVER!)
    2. SEDU straightener
    3. Epilator (can't remember which brand)
    4. Sheisdo pureness line
    5. Dior show Mascara
    6. Laura mercier foundation
    7. (coming soon) philosphy skin care line

    and more to come probably but right now i'm watching my spending!
  7. i actually had to quit reading the bag forums b/c this became a problem :smile: but the ones i remember most were:

    black MC wapity
    designer jeans (i love sevens!)
    a nintendo wii!! arm candy lover made me want one with the thread she started in the health forum a year ago....and i finally got one last week! :yahoo:
    a couple of barbie dolls (co inspiration credit goes to my mom AND twinkle.tink)
    a trip to the coach outlet and a brand new hobo on my vacation
    chewy vuitton and ipawd toys for my doggie (those didn't last very long more stuffed toys)
    i discovered etsy thanks to passerby and castocreations. i :heart: etsy.

    things that went on my wishlist because of tPF:
    a stainless steel watch with diamond markers (inspired by some of the rolexes....i wish!)
    a GHD flat iron. i'm trying to convince myself it's not that great and i don't need a $300 flat iron. amanda is not helping.
  8. Oh! Definitely my Mirage speedy and Tivoli PM...More to come for 2008!

  9. Thanks mom =).

    One day I'll get a birkin or a kelly. ONE DAY.....just wait and see.
  10. Basically all my chanel and balenciaga bags. I bought Prada and LV before joining, but never did I know about all the new and seasonal bags coming out months in advance like I do now. lol It gets you in a lot of trouble, but I just love tPF!
  11. [​IMG]
    ^Wallet on Chain.

    ^Black Patent Jumbo

    Both are items that were never available at my local Chanel boutique, so there's no way I would have known about them if not for TPF!!!
  12. My first LV! Now I am an LV addict!
    My first piece of Tiffany jewelry. Want more of that too!
    OPI nail laquer. I was sick of buying cheapo stuff that would chip one hour after application, and a lot of members seemed to like the OPI brand. I've bought four bottles so far. Love them.
    A Hello Kitty cell phone charm from Strapya World. Some members bought cute stuff from Strapya World, and I couldn't resist trying them out for myself.
  13. ^Oh GREAT. Thanks for that. Now I just bought $78 worth of stuff from Strapya-world LOL. The have the cutest stuff ever! Surprisingly I find it cheap considering it's coming from Japan.
  14. Nothing but the TPF keychain from twinkle.tink lol.
  15. Balenciaga, balenciaga, balenciaga!!! LOL!!!

    And Urban Decay Primer Potion.

    Guess which brand hurt my cc's? LOL!