Your top 3 Sex and the City episodes???

  1. I miss Sex and the City, and yes I have the dvds and watch the reruns but I have my favorites. Here are my top 3

    1. Carrie doesn't have money for the down payment of her Apt. after the breakup with Aidan. They go eat chinese and she had a really cute Chanel top on, talking about a check that Mr.Big gave her. At the end of the meal she opens her fortune cookie and there is nothing in there and she says " even a cookie tells me I have no fortune" also love the other two quotes in this episode "I'm going to be a bag lady, a fendi bag lady but a bag lady" " I will literally be the old lady who live in a shoe"

    2. Carrie marries herself to get her stolen Manolos back. Just the last minute of that episode her with he beloved shoes on. "She shoeshamed me"

    3. Miranda's mom passes away, just to see how each deal with death and the way they are there for each other. Ohh and Samantha can't have an orgasm.

    Now you know mine, what are your favorite??
  2. 1. The one where Miranda finally tells Steve she loves him at Brady's birthday party, and Charlotte finds inspiration after her miscarriage in Elizabeth Taylor's life story.

    2. The episode where Carrie models in the celebrity fashion show and falls on the runway (and gets back up).

    3. The "Modelizer" episode from the first season.
  3. That's one of my favs too. I love the moment in the church where you see how both Aidan and Steve showed up to support the girls.

    I also like the one where Miranda finds out she's pregnant and goes for the abortion. There's something about the scene where she follows Charlotte to make sure she's alright that gets to me. That plus Char's reaction of "We're having a baby" when learning that Miranda kept the baby.

    Also, the one where Harry proposes to Charlotte. When he first says "that's not good enough" in response to her asking him out on a date again after breaking-up i was devastated... until he gets down on one knee. Yay! :heart::love:

    There's so many more, but those are the first three that i thought about.
  4. I love the one where Carrie gets mugged in the alley, and they take her is almost too much for her to bear...then she has to walk around in Mirandas ugly white shoes that are too big for her.
    Where Samantha cheats on hot blonde guy with Richard (dick), and she comes down in the elevator, and he is still sitting htere waiting for her.
    Where the girls smoke pot, and Carrie gets busted....after she got broken up with by a post-it.
  5. the episode where charlotte gets elizabeth taylor the dog.

    the episode where charlotte and harry get back together at the mixer...yay!

    hot child in the city always cracks me up. "yes mrs whatever, i brought the pot into the house...and i'm taking it with me when i go!"

    oh! and the one where aiden switches the ring. "i literally threw up...that is not a normal reaction..."
  6. oooh that one made me cry. smith rocks.

    and when samantha's in chemo and lost her libido...he's on location and she says don't feel bad if you want to sleep with someone else...then he sends her unbloomed flowers with a card that says something to the effect of "until spring..." LOVE IT. smith made me cry a lot. :smile:

    ok. i watch waaaay too much sex. that's what happens when you own THE WHOLE THING. my hubby and his just because presents ROCK. (still excited about it! and he brought it home months ago. hehe.)
  7. I Was Never The Biggest SATC Fan, Of Course, I Watched It....Who Didn't???? :smile:

    My Favorites:

    #1. Samantha & The Bat Mitzvah Girls (More Like Girl!)......That Was Fabulous

    #2. In LA....With The Fakes Bags......Hysterical

    #3. I Must Have Another......I Will Think About It..........I'm Sorry...Thanks For Letting Me Share
  8. Only threee??? It's hard to remember which storylines go together in one episode...but these are the current ones I can think of

    I agree that the post-it episode is a classic.

    The one when Miranda gives birth. Carrie and Big have a last "date" before he moves to Napa and at the end, she goes to his empty apartment and he left her the Henry Mancini LP and a plane ticket. Carrie's Louboutin shoes with the pink chiffon alone is worth putting this episode in my top 3.

    The last episode. (Can I cheat and count the two Paris episodes as one??) I love how Miranda takes care of Steve's maaaa. And the fashion in the Paris episodes are spectacular.

    Other episodes I like: the one when Carrie doesn't want to break up with her boyfriend because she loves the family, the LA episodes, the Hamptons wedding episode.
  9. "2. The episode where Carrie models in the celebrity fashion show and falls on the runway (and gets back up)."

    And when she falls at Dior in Paris.....Poor girl she had her happy "BONJOUR !!" to everyone (as if you would say that when entering a shop !)......but the cold arrogant look on the other woman made me laugh so much, bc it´s so typical Parisian !
    And the last episode, well being French it´s great to see your fav´serie coming to your country..., where we see Carole Bouquet (my favourite actress) and watch out for tones of Vuitton (luggages) and Chanel, when Charlotte goes to Chanel and the customer at the back has got a Speedy.;)
  10. I too like 'A womens Right to Shoes'

    Also the last episode of series 2 when Carrie sees Big and Natasha's engagement part at the Plaza and she says to him 'your girl is lovely Hubble' and he says 'I dont get it' - Carrie then says 'and you never did'

    I also like the one where Berger breaks up with Carrie on a post it and the cop who arrests her says 'that didnt happen' and she puts the offending post it on the car window!
  11. Ooh, I love every single one of them, so its hard to say which. My favorite ones are the ones with Aidan (the new one) in them cos he was so hot! I think the funniest episode is where Carrie bonked a "rabbit" guy at someone's wedding and couldn't face him again after that.
  12. Oh yes and 'I Heart NY' - esp when Carrie and Big are dancing to Moon River
  13. #1. "Hot Child in the City!" Pot-smoking cartoonist and Samantha and the Bat Mitzvah girls. All-time fav.

    #2. "The Real Me" where Carrie models in the fashion show. Best line ever is when she falls down on the runway "She's fashion roadkill!"

    #3. Favorite story line (but not favorite episode) is when Charlotte and Harry get back together.
  14. #! The Real Me: I have seen that episode probably 60 times and I still bust out laughing when Stanford Says "Oh my god shes fashion roadkill"

    #2 The one where she finds out big is moving to Paris and she is talking to big on the phone drunk "Your a freakin old man".

    #3. I Heart that one!
  15. 1. absolute, unequivocal favorite - Carrie runs in to big outside of his engagement party: she smooths his hair and says "Your girl is lovely, Hubble." and he says "I don't get it" and she says "You never did." ahhhh! what a great episode! i want to watch it right now

    2. Fleet Week in NYC where Carrie gets caught out in the rain and ends up at a diner next to a woman eating lithium-laced icecream and goes to the sailor party. it reminds all us girls that it's important to keep trying, lol.

    3. to words: Fashion Roadkill! how that episode always leaves me with warm fuzzies.