Your Top 3 Most Wanted Bags

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  1. Name 3 handbags you love, love right now.

    These days, I'm liking these 3 a lot:
    1. McQueen Novak in red
    2. Mademoiselle Camera (medium)
    3. Donna Karan grained Doctor bag tied with Chloe's large Hampton
  2. Oh, dear. If its the 3 I most want as in "I want to buy and I'm gonna do it"....its...

    1) White Goyard tote (customized with a Chinese dragon)
    2) Denim Balenciaga Box bag
    3) Devi Kroell Astrakhan hobo

    If its just "pie-in-the-sky" kind of love

    1) Birkin (numbers two and three could be Birkin also!)
    2) Crocodile Novak
    3) Silverado hobo
  3. I really like the Gerard Darel Bag in Python-it looks amazing. I love the Balenciaga Motorcycle bag.
    Finally The Chanel 2.55
  4. Balenciaga Medium in Chocolate Brown
    Chloe Paddy in Whiskey
    Guccissima Medium Hobo in Blue

  5. Red croc birkin w/diamond accents
    Red croc Dior Saddle
    Pink croc Spy :biggrin:
  6. Goyard tote -Light blue
    Balenciaga moto bag - Lilac
    Chloe Silverado doctor (Yup, still love it) - Brown

    sapna - Great pick on the Darel! :smile:
  7. Oh that bag sounds beautiful! Do you have apicture of it?

    My picks are:
    -32 brown croc Kelly
    -Chanel classic medium bag with chains (silver).
    -Bottega Venta woven hobo (brown)
  9. my top pics are:

    a chanel tote, cambon or caviar in black
    chloe paddy,thinking red
    large gucci guccissima horsebit hobo
  10. LV Manhattan PM
    Chloe Paddington, either in rouge, whiskey, or chocolate brown
    Lady Dior East/West bag in white (saw it yesterday in the boutique, it is definitely going on my want list :love: )
  11. 1) Blue/Whiskey Chloe Paddy
    2) A Clutch ( haven't really find something that I really must have)
    3) Channel Medium Quilted Bag in Tan
  12. 1. Chanel 2.55 in black
    2. Chloe Kerala (satchel, probably)
    3. Damier Speedy
  13. I wish I could have:
    1.crocodile Birkin togo
    2.chocolate washed lizard paddington
    3. Monogram velour "medium Gracie" in red- Louis Vuitton!!!!
  14. I want (but not sure if I have the dough for it right now):

    1) Wine Red/Ivory Paddy
    2) Chloe Python Silverado in dark brown
    3) LV Damier Canvas Speedy
  15. 1) Birkin (in my dreams!)
    2) Novak (which I am getting this weekend in brown)
    3) Chloe Paddy in whiskey tied with Silverado hobo in gold tied with Paddy in silver...tied with another Spy...oy. that's way more than 3!