Your top 10 bags

  1. ok.. from all the bags in the world.. what do you think would be your top 10 classic bags you would LOVe to habve.. or that are on your like want list..

    mine are- in no paticular order excepet for no. 1

    1. FENDI SPY BAG ( LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS BAG) want one soo bad
    2. chloe paddington
    3. balencaiga city/work
    4. YSL muse
    5. Chanel Flap
    6. LV speedy
    7. Chloe silverdaro
    8. BV ball bag
    9. the new prada bags
    10....umm i cant think of anymore. this was harder then i thought.. i would love to say a kelly but i knwo thats so out of reach so want to be a bit realistic... iw ould say maybe another type of chanel bag..
  2. (1) Hermes Birkin
    (2) Hermes Kelly
    (3) Chanel black classic flap
    (4) Judith Leiber evening bag
    (5) Gucci Jackie O bag
    (6) Bottega Veneta ball bag
    (7) Ferragamo Marissa bag
    (8) Fendi baguette
    (9) Prada leather hobo
    (10) Balenciaga motorcycle bag
  3. (1) Hermes Birkin
    (2) Hermes Kelly
    (3) Chanel black classic flap
    (4) Judith Leiber evening bag
    (5) Gucci Jackie O bag
    (6) Bottega Veneta ball bag
    (7) Ferragamo Marissa bag
    (8) Fendi baguette
    (9) Prada leather hobo
    (10) Balenciaga motorcycle bag
  4. 1. Hermes Birkin
    2. Hermes Kelly
    3. Chanel classic flap
    4. LV Speedy
    5. LV Papillon
    6. Balenciaga motorcycle in either the First or City
    7. Bottega Venetta woven tote
    8. Judith Leiber - any evening bag would be great!
    9. Chloe Paddington
    10. Fendi baguette
  5. Not in order

    1) Chanel Classic Flap
    2) Chanel Reissue
    3) Chanel East West
    4) Marc Jacobs Hudson
    5) LV Mizi Vienna
    6) Hermes Birkin
    7) Hermes Kelly
    8) Dior Nude Detective
    9) Miumiu Coffer
    10) Dior Cannage Drawstring
  6. 1. Balenciaga City ~ Always and Forever
    2. YSL Muse
    3. Rebecca Minkoff Morning After Bag
    4. Gryson Olivia in White
    5. Anna Corinna City Tote - Large size
    6. Ferragamo Gancio
    7. MJ Quilted bag - That I got on a super SUPER sale @ Bloomingdale
    8. Andrea Brueckner Saddle Bag
    9. Anything by Bottega Veneta
    10. Botkier Bella Clutch
  7. 1) Chanel Classic Flap
    2) Chanel Luxury Bowler
    3) MJ Stam
    4) D&B Tassel Tote
    5) Coach Hamptons Signature Carryall
    6) M by MJ Totally Turnlock Bowler
    7) Juicy Couture Princess 35 Quilted Linen Bag
    8) Juicy Couture Liv Clutch
    9) I'm not sure what it's called, but it's the Chanel purse that is yellow with little hearts over it and the hearts have different scenes in them.
    10) Judith Leiber Satin Clutch
  8. 1) Hermes Kelly
    2) Hermes Bolide
    3) Hermes Plume
    4) Judith Leiber Clutch
    5) Chanel Reissue
    6) Chanel Cerf
    7) Balenciaga City
    8) Bottega Veneta Woven Hobo
    9) YSL Muse
    10) Louis Vuitton Alma
  9. I only have top three. They are
    Hermes Birkin
    Hermes Kelly
    Chanel classic flap
  10. Babyboo....the Alma is not on that list.....**shaking fist* girllll you better have not forgotten about her!!! LOL jk!!
  11. hhahaha. u got me there miss v.. hehe she will be one day...

    haha everyoen seems to like the BV
  12. hmmmm I love this topic..Here is my top 10
    1. Chanel reporterbag (white on black)
    2. Fendi spybag (hologram)
    3. Chloe Paddington (white)
    4. Chanel bowler (large)
    5 Dior Gacho (white)
    6.Gucci messanger ( love it for school)
    7. Chanel coco cabas ( black leather)
    8. Dolce & Gabanna bag (don't know the name)
    9. Chanel reporterbag (black on white)
    10. Some kind of LV monogram...not sure which one yet....

    Reading this I wonder what the chances are, I'll actually own these bags one day:drool:
  13. I am assuming these are bags we don't already here are mine...
    1. Fendi (don't know the name..saw it on EBay, was like a little square box...think LV Bleeker but in the zucca, and it had flowers embroidered on it)!
    2. Fendi silver baguette with rhinestone clasp
    3. Chanel patent clutch with the cartoon lady on the front with the Chanel #5 bottle.
    4. Roberto Cavalli leopard print horn bag
    5. Balenciaga motorcycle with the b/w stripes
    6. Chanel 2.55 reissue in black with gold hardware
    7. Chanel 2.55 reissue in black with silver hardware
    8. LV vernis Bleeker
    9. Crocodile Birkin
    10. YSL snow leopard Muse
  14. These are my dream bags!

    1. Hermes Kelly, black
    2. Hermes Birkin, red
    3. LV Damier Speedy 30
    4. LV Epi Alma, any color (I hope I'm good at guessing M and Ms!)
    5. Chanel small classic flap, black
    6. Chanel classic flap, purple!
    7. Gucci Jackie O in ponyhair
    8. MJ Venetia in bright color
    9. MJ Blake in neutral color
    10. Burberry tote in Novacheck (I like Burberry plaid!)

    After all that, I'm a Coach fan at heart! But I don't see a lot of Coach bags that I'd want to keep for decades...all the bags I listed I would!
  15. Oooohh, I love lists like this - here's mine, in no particular order (except no.1)

    1.Balenciaga First
    2.Chanel classic flap
    3.Chloe Paddington
    4.YSL Muse
    5.Hermes Birkin
    6.Hermes Kelly
    7.LV Vernis Houston
    8.Celine Boogie bag
    9. Jimmy Choo Ramona
    10.Hermes JPG Birkin