Your TOKIDOKI in action...................

  1. So yesterday I went to Disneyland and brought along my new Ciao in pirata - also the matching Denaro is inside. I took off the qee so I could put on my Coach skull charm on instead, love it!! So here is my pic of me and Pluto with my Tokidoki bag!! And you can't really tell but my shirt has pirate skulls heads on it too! Sorry about the crappy resolution, pic was taken w/ my cell phone.

    Now post some pics of you and your Tokidoki in action!!

  2. I always thought the ciao looks small hanging on the rack, but it looks like it's bigger on you. It's actually a good size. I love it.
  3. I love that qee you have pictured. I want one too. And you look like Julia Roberts. lol
  4. that qee is adorable! what's it called?
  5. It's a series of qees representing each state in the US. That particular qee represents Hawaii.
  6. Adorable pic...your ciao looks great on you!!! I have that hawaii qee that you want, she's awesome IRL!! :love:
  7. OMG, where did you get one?? I was born in Hawaii and I sooo want one!!
  8. You can get them at and then click on the link that says United States Qee

    It says right now that she's not available and that it will be coming soon.
  9. I know that but was wondering where she got hers already. I have to have one!! :yes:
  10. That's so funny! My piarata ciao was my main bag at disneyworld. It's just so fitting.
  11. I got my Hawaii qee at he updates his site daily and even throughout the day so if you really want something, check it a few times during the day and you'll find it. He orders all the blindboxes and it takes him a while to go thru it all so as he finds them he lists them 1 at a time!! You'll be able to get it. If you can't ever find it let me know, I'll think about selling mine to you. It's not used. :shrugs:
  12. How funny! I love the Alaska qee! We always get forgotten up here. . . ;)
  13. thats a pretty good pic for a camera phone! :biggrin: looks great on you! :biggrin:
  14. I just checked out qeester, and the NY kee is kinda has our subway system on
  15. hehe, was nice and sunny outside so that helped a bit. It's a LG Fusic phone from Sprint. ;)