Your Toki Frenzies

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  1. Please share with us your Toki Frenzies!!!

    I got this over the weekend along with my 35th anniversary magazine. Ciao Ciao! It is a little too big to hang on my phone so I am hang it on my Adios Star BV for now...

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  2. Cute! I bought Bastardino, Sandy, Super Boy, the Chili Pepper, and the Rainbow from a friend who bought a case. I can't wait to get them in the mail. :biggrin:
  3. ohhhh... lucky you... i don't want keep buying and buying until i get what i really want... arhh... not good for wallet...

  4. How big is it? Do u have a pic with it on ur cellphone?

  5. Congrats d1000 and gabes mommy, I love your ciao frenzie, it looks super nice. Now I am very tempted to get some for me too. Not good for the wallet at all, but very good for my eyes :P

    May I know how much is one frenzie and can I chose the character I want to buy? I saw the frenzies on sale at the online tokidoki shop but it seems that I cannot chose as the items are "blind boxes"? :huh:
  6. pic attached

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  7. they are sold as blind boxes. i got mine for $5. didn't know it was a ciao ciao
  8. sheesh the shipping on toki's site is a killer for tiny items like these!

    where else can we buy them?

  9. Thanks for the reply! I really think the Ciao Ciao is really cute! I want to get one too
  10. how adorable!

  11. They are also available on Ebay, the seller actually let you choose! I am going to put in my order :graucho:

    Thanks nyshopaholic for the info and the links. :smile:
  12. Ohhh... i can choose? yeah.. i am ordering too... :yahoo:

  13. Oh so cute
  14. I just got my first frenzie today and it was Super Boy!!!!! woot! Hoping for a Sandy, Bastardino in my next ones....

    does anyone know if one character is more difficult to get than the others? or are the chances all the same for all of them?