Your thoughts pls!

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  1. #1 Jan 8, 2010
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    how do i edit the title? i meant to say "Your Thoughts Pls"...

    I got it!....jburgh
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    The bag looks more like a Jimmy Choo Saba to me. There are only so many basic shapes and brands do take inspiration from others. Loewe is not a well known brand outside of Spain, that is why there is not a Loewe subforum. There is virtually no Loewe presence in North America (Bergdorf's in NYC and a shop at the Vancouver, BC airport). I like Loewe bags, they are well made. Feel free to start some Loewe threads in the Bags, Bags, Bags subforum...there are already a few.
  4. I love their nappa skin too... was very serious of getting an aire bag at one time but they kept increasing their pricing in where I stay and I just could not justify the price tag...
  5. loewe has very nice leather and beautiful colors, specially the blue. they're trying to (re)position themselves towards more trendy expensive bags and increasing prices along the way - by a lot!. best snap some up before they break the $2K barrier (maybe they've done it already).
  6. thanks jburg!

    i have no idea that loewe is a little known brand outside of spain because they have 3 stores in tiny Singapore and they come with hefty price tags too, in the region of Prada and even BV.

    but i do love their nappa aire and once courted after one. but in the end I got a BV instead, and there was no turning back. So here I am...

    yes yes u r in singapore too right? loewe is not cheap here. i love their nappa aire too! so soft but looks so delicate, i would about scratching the bag.

    at where i live, a large nappa aire is close to $2000.