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  1. Ladies.. anyone seen Graphite crocodile IRL?? How can u describe it? I've never seen one but i would love to have a crocodile kelly and the only one i found is a graphite kelly with gold hardware..

    My personal preference was.. black croc with palladium, fuschia with palladium, brown with palladium...

    Any feedback is appreciated :smile:
  2. It is an amazing color!! It is a dark dark grey but definitely not black. I have placed an SO for this in a Kelly 32cm as well, (PH). The light stitching makes this color really stand out. I would suggest asking your SA if there is an accessory available for you to look at.
  3. pinkish, I feel that exotics like croc can take a lot more colour. But I think too that croc in graphite is absolutely lovely.
  4. I like graphite crocwith palladium HW!!
    My hands-down fave is Miel, though! YUM!
  5. Thank you ladies.. This is the thing.. i prefer palladium over gold in many combination.. especially with black, grey or brown.. since this bag come with gold hardware i'm a bit hesitant!!
  6. I saw a croc wallet in graphite with PH and it was breathtaking. I loved that it wasn't exactly black, or brown or grey. Just this indefinable color that screamed CHIC! I compared it to a blue roi croc with PH and hands down the graphite was the chicer of the two, to my eyes.

    Having said that I also love Miel croc and would LOVE to have both!
  7. Sorry Pinkish_love, graphite is not one of my fave colors...saw it in the Bearn wallet and it didn't grab me one bit :sad:
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