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  1. What are your thoughts of the following fur bags - they are not real shearling but are distressed leather lined with fur

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  2. i like the handle...i'm not one for shearling period, and this shearling is not the best faux that i've seen. the rest of the material looks kinda...shiny. i'm more for softer looking leather. so, overall...nay
  3. I think it's cute but how much is it since it's faux? Who's the designer?
  4. Its not faux per se .. it is real leather but not shearling

    I think the design is a copy of a Fendi
  5. Am not in to sherling , so i say Nay . But i like the concept
  6. Okay I know what Fendi you are talking about. I saw it on Well I knew the leather was true cow but the shearling LOOKS fake. That's why I asked the price.
  7. If it's a replica please don't get it.
    If it's "inspired" sure buy.

    Personally...I find it to be alittle weird lookin'.
  9. Replica/Fake = Copying the original, from the designer logo (i.e.: Fendi = Fendi...which is illegal)

    Inspired = Copying the style of the bag, sans the copied designer's logo on the bag itself. (Looks like/reminds me of...kind of thing)
  10. Inspired bags aren't illegal, they're a nice way of making a design of an expensive bag affordable for the masses. Just like brand XOXO is doing.
  11. Ok! I meant you personal view on it, but I kind of got my answer with the “illegal” thing:idea:

    You have to excuse me, but sometimes it is hard to form good sentences in a foreign language :wacko:
  12. Sorry of going on and on about that…LOL hehe
    I think inspired (such as XOXO inspired by Celine) is a OK. Replicas are a no-no for me.

    If a person just likes the design (but can't afford it now...) then they should go for inspired designs.
  13. Really cute bags:love: . Especially the gold one. Perfect for an evening out or a party.
  14. Actually I've tried this bag on. And it wasn't everything I expected it to be. I was expecting it to be small, but it was a little bit too small.

    Personally I LOVE clutches. I'm a clutch junkie. I usually bring clutches from elegant to casual parties.