Your thoughts on this trench coat?


Mar 17, 2008
I scored this coat during sales but I can buy a Burberry trench coat for about the same price. I don't know if I like this coat because I got it on sale (technically, the original price of this one is 2-3X that of a Burberry trench coat so I'm getting a better deal here?). Burberry's marketing must be really good for me to think that it's the must-have trench coat. This coat is from Valentino (a brand for RTW that I'm not familiar with). Prices seem high for this line, especially since this one is unlined.

I want a classic & feminine trench coat. Do you think this one is a keeper? If so, how would you style an outfit with it? The color (honey) is darker so it's harder for me to match. If not, do you think I should stick with Burberry? Or maybe try my luck with something else?

If I had more $$$, I'd get both. But my funds are limited & I can only afford one at the moment.


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Princess Pink

Oct 3, 2007
Go for classic Burberry -- that design is timeless. I don't think you will be in love with this Valentino, as gorgeous as it is, for seasons to come.

I agree, nice coat for now but not a classic item. If you decide to keep it, perhaps later on you could get it professionally tailored to remove the bottom bit. But also, a trench (esp for these prices) should be lined! I think it's a purchase you may possibly regret...
Jun 26, 2007
on one hand....Burberry trench coats are so common. the valentino you bought is so unique and different, it will definitely stand out. I really like the design and I personally think I could wear it year round!

However it does bother me that it's unlined...I like my coats to be a little sturdier and warmer.


Feb 18, 2012
This looks warmer weather to me with the cutout design at the bottom and the fact that it's unlined. Burberry you could prob wear into the cooler weather and in the rain. This ones more to look pretty than practical.


May 23, 2009
I think the Valentino is really beautiful but unlined and light-weight it is obviously more for warmer weather.

I think you should keep this and then save for a classic Burberry if you still feel the need, it's not like Burberry are going to stop making standard stone trenches any time soon ;)

And not everyone looks 'right' in classics, it depends on your own style. I have bought many trenches including classic Burberrys, it's always the classic one's in Stone that I end up getting rid of and the only Burberrys raincoat I have left is a navy short mac with no belt. You have to buy things you will wear :yes:


Aug 20, 2009
I get the impression that you prefer the Burberry over this one from Valentino. If so, I would return this one and get one from Burberry. I believe you should choose the item you really want, otherwise you will always regret your decision. Don't look at what might be a better deal. Pick the one you really want! I think this Valentino coat is gorgeous. However, personally, I would choose a Burberry trench over this design. I have a Burberry trench and love it! It's such a great classic piece. Good luck deciding! :smile: