Your thoughts on these jeans from J Brand?

  1. I have to confess that just a few weeks ago I would have looked at this style in disgust, but now I am intrigued. Sometimes it takes me seeing a new style on someone else in public a few times before I can wrap my arms around it. I saw these high-waisted jeans on a girl last night while at dinner, and I must say she certainly carried off the look. She looked hot.

    Would you wear these?

  2. I remember my mom forcing me to wear high waist jeans when I was younger and I hated the feeling of the edge of the jeans hitting my navel when I sat. So, personally, for comfort I wouldn't get a high waist, unless if the fitting changed. Plus, with the way the pockets are placed on this pair, I wouldn't have the ass to pull it off :p
  3. definetely coming back in style!! however its a personal choice because these jeans definitely place a huge emphasis on womens bottoms!!
  4. Not a fan, they are way too tight and can make even the skinniest girls look weird or sick. Of course the people who have adopted that style of jean in my area leave a lot to be desired. I commonly see them paired with oversized sometimes ratty looking shirts and ballet flats.
  5. Love this look with a tunic and ballet flats! Also looks great tucked into boots!
  6. i think you have to be pretty skinny and tall to pull it off. and with that being said if you were pretty skinny and tall, you would look hotter in other things. jmo.
  7. Not a personal fan because I hate anything rubbing across my navel. If you like them, then go for it!
  8. i really love those
    they would look too cute with a ruffled white shirt!
  9. I would absolutely wear those and I would love to see other people wearing them as well!!!

    I am SO sick of seeing people's buttcracks! :yucky: I don't care what anyone says-- it's not a good look. Period. :nogood:
  10. I definitely agree with you about wearing skinnies with boots or ballet flats, but I think the high-waist look would get lost hidden under a tunic. I'm thinking I would wear it with a fitted shirt tucked in or even a body suit with a cute shrug or cropped sweater.
  11. I know what you mean. I have a pierced naval, and while it was healing (9 years ago) I was careful about what I wore around my waist. But now I think I would be fine in these jeans provided I didn't wear them terribly often.
  12. These aren't exactly for my body type, I'm a curvy size 6, I recently bought 3 different pairs of the J. Brand 818, (different colors), they are mid-rise with a boot leg, I love them and always get compliments on them. p.s. - good place to buy the J. Brand jeans is ActiveEndeavors, no shipping, no tax, no return charge and 25% code right now is apologies, they almost always have at minimum a 20% code...
  13. I like them! Although the pockets are a bit large for my taste. I have a very high waist and anything low waisted (e.g. low rise - less than 7 in) I simply cannot do because it looks like I'm walking around half naked. So I also think I would find these really comfortable.
  14. I like the look. I'd wear them if they looked good on me.
  15. I would like them if they were low waisted and there was a nicer pocket design