Your Thoughts on the "unique" Fall '06 Bags?

  1. What do you guys think? I don't personally like the leopard line or the multicolour hobo...but the croc handbag is TDF!
    Blue hills.jpg Brad pitt.jpg karl urban suit.jpg matthewfox.jpg
  2. What's the Multicolore hobo? The mink bags?
  3. i love the Miroir line :love:!
  4. The croc bag's (called Lady Steamer) pricetag is TDF too - US$12000.00 and is only available with 50% deposit!:wtf:
  5. I love the mink! But at 15,000ish usd. YIKES! All the others are too big and dark for me. So, just a silver speedy from the winter collection was all I picked.
  6. Hahaha. I see it now. It was the Mink bags. I didn't see that earlier. Whoopsy. I am waiting for the Miroir bags and maybe some of the fall runway shoes.
  7. Same here...Miroir for me.
  8. I want a gold miroir papillon. :heart: so pretty.
  9. I love the boots from the runway
  10. It's mostly nay, which makes my bank account happy !
  11. I don't like any of the ones you showed photos of, but I want a lockit bag.
  12. Love the mirror
  13. I love that mink multicolor too!:love:
  14. I CAN'T imagine carrying the miroir line. Soo gaudy IMO. I couldn't take myself seriously. I might be able to swing that bag circa 30 years ago at Studio 54, in the dark! Gosh, imagine walking around on a sunny day with that thing. OK, I'll stop bashing. I just can't hang.
  15. Same here! Which makes my Dh verrrry happy:lol: He was so relieved when I only picked out a silver speedy.