Your thoughts on the sienna suhali PM vs MM


Which suhali lockit should I get for Christmas?

  1. Get the Sienna PM

  2. Black MM

  3. Get another dream bag(Chanel)

  4. Wait for the black PM that will arrive next year??????

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  1. Hi, everyone! Need your input/advice on my dilemma.

    I've been wanting to buy a black suhali lockit in time for a long time. Unfortunately, the black is not in stock at the boutique but they do have the PM in SIENNA(brown). There's a brand new BLACK MM at karenkooper selling for USD2000 but I'm not sure if I can carry this size. I'm 5'1" and carry the usual cellphone, makeup pouch, wallet etc...I've waited for the black for a couple of weeks now and really want one before Christmas so waiting for another month is not an option.

    What are your thoughts on the sienna color? Would the color be outdated after a couple of years? Would the MM be too big for me?
  2. anyone?
  3. I'd wait and get the black. Black goes with everything. Can you get to the store and try on the MM?
  4. I would wait for the one you REALLY want. Otherwise, you'll probably come to regret it. Plus, I like the black suhali much more than the sienna!
  5. i'm 5'1 too and pm seems like a perfect size when i tried it. however i've not tried the mm. personally i'll get the pm.

    color wise if u do not have any brown leather bag i think sienna is great too! black and brown are always In and Versatile to me. i'm the opposite, i do not have any black leather bag yet so most likely i'll get the black pm .. hmm the blue looks good too lol
  6. I saw the eBay item too.. So tempted. But i want the Verone colour. I say wait for the colour u want. U never koe it might just pop out soon. And u'd kick urself if u got the one u dun really like. instead.
  7. I'd wait for the black PM one too. I only like black and white in Suhali now...
  8. I am 5'1" and I carry the Suhali Lockit Sienne PM. I chose the Sienne because I really like the silver hardware. The Black with gold hardware is just stunning. The MM is definitely roomier and I would love to be able to pull it off but every time I try it at the boutique it looks like luggage on me.
  9. Thank you so much, ladies for helping me out! I actually just came from the boutique and got myself a...........

    BLACK SUHALI PM! There was only 1 in stock and it was on display. Bag just arrived yesterday and there was only 1 black so I feel so LUCKY, LUCKY!!

    I agree with you all. There's nothing than can make a bag lover happier than getting a bag you really like.

    ms p, I tried the MM but it's a little too big. It would probably work for somebody who carries a lot of documents and stuff. The GM would be okay to use as luggage. Will take pictures tomorrow and post them. Thanks so much :heart:
  10. Congrats! the black is gorgeous!:biggrin: very good choice!
  11. congrat...i getting the GM any sooner...:yes::tup:
  12. yay,congrats! post pics when you get her!
  13. Thanks, ladies! I'm so happy with my purchase =) Will post photos after the weekend. Got a few holiday parties coming up......
  14. No suhali colour would look dated except maybe the metallics. I would go for the sienna. It's hard to go wrong with suhali...