Your thoughts on the Reade PM...

  1. Even though I just bought myself a new bag (Popincourt) I'm already contemplating my next purchase.

    So.... I've been checking out eLuxury and the Reade PM has caught my eye. Does anyone here have this bag, and if so how do you like it and do you have pictures of your own?

    Also, I was looking at the colors and there looks to be 2 different red colors, the Pomme D'Amour and the Rouge. Am I right that these are reds and one isn't pinkish in color? Just from the picture I'm leaning towards the Pomme D'Amour which looks like a deeper darker red.

    So what is every one's thoughts on the Reade PM? I'd love to see your pictures if you have them.

  2. The Reade PM is my favorite Vernis bag (okay, so is the Lexington :biggrin:) It looks SO pretty in the Pomme and in the Framboise IRL.
  3. I thought I loved it until I saw it in the store, it is VERY small. I suppose it would be ok for a little summer purse but I felt like it was almost like carrying a little girls purse. Needless to say I was quite disapointed!
  4. I absolutely LOVE the Reade PM, but when I tried it on, it was too small, but I still might get one on Pomme! It's so cute!
  5. tad small for me IRL, and i'm only 5'1".........
  6. It's very cute especially in pomme, but I tried carrying it, too, and it was tiny. It didn't feel like any bag I'd carry so I passed. I'm short --5'1, btw.
  7. It looks adorable but really too small IMO :sad:
  8. I am 5'9" and LOVE the reade!! I have 3. :biggrin: Here are some pics, and one with the red and the pomme next to each other.
    reade4.jpg triplets1.jpg pomme6.jpg
  9. I'd take it in Indigo any day!:nuts:
  10. I like the Pomme
  11. My indigo should be on its way monday .. i'm on the edge waiting..
  12. It's cute but too small.
  13. I just got a Bonze Reade last week and I love it. It is more spacious than a Vavin PM and much cuter. I can carry my Framboise agenda, my wallet with zip, pill case, phone, and ipod with video in it with room to spare. I hope to add more Reades to my collection in the future.
  14. Way too small for me and not a big fan of the hand-held -- in fact, my
    marshmallow one is posted on eBay now.....I wouldn't buy one again.
  15. ooh yay you found one!! :yahoo: can't wait to see pics!