Your thoughts on the Kooba Natasha?

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  1. I love the style, size and the idea of the convertibility....but want to hear from those of you who have this bag (or have considered it)! What do you like/dislike? Do you convert it back and forth or do you not bother? When it's full, does it feel like a football under your arm? Would you recommend it? Thanks! :smile:
  2. I love this bag, and am currently stalking one on eBay or at the outlets or a sample sale. I tried it on when it first came out, and thought the sizing was perfect. It fits under the arm nicely when carried on the shoulder. I would not bother converting it, but I would be interested to hear from the Natasha owners out there as well.
  3. Just be very careful. Most Natashas on eBay are fake. I just took a glance and most all are fake with the exception of a few well used ones. They even faked the Red patent already.
  4. I have been looking at this bag as well! The leather looks really nice. The size is nice and the sort of minimal design of it appeals to me! Anyone???
  5. I've been contemplating purchasing a Natasha as well! It looks stylish and it appears to be practical. I didn't know that most Natashas on eBay are faked, so I will keep that in mind (and most likely buy retail.) Thanks for the info, Lexie!
  6. I like the Natasha as well. Just had one question though how and what does it convert to.
  7. If you undo the little latch thingies on the lower sides it becomes larger. Like a tote. I believe Revolve Clothing has a picture of it fastened and unfastened.

  8. I like the Natasha. I'm sort of regretting not getting one in ink. Such a pretty color and its so hard to find nice blue bags.
  9. ^ me, too. I am considering a full price ( gasp! ) purchase from I was trying to wait to see if they started popping up at the outlets.
  10. I just ordered it in Red from Neiman Marcus. :p Says it is on back order and will ship around 11/15/07. I am so excited! I don't usually order full price bags, but I really want to see this color. I want some new exciting colors in my handbags instead of just brown and black. I hope I love it! I don't have any patent bags either.