Your Thoughts On The Fendi B Belt...

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  1. I was flipping through a magazine, when I saw the new Fendi B Belt ... I am kinda liking it and just wanted to know everyone's thoughts on the belt ... is it just a trend? do you think it will last? etc.. (I have also posted a picture of the belt)
  2. I'ts cute.
  3. I love the belt :biggrin: Can't say I feel the same way about the bag.
  4. like it!
  5. Cute to look at on runway models but imagining seeing someone actually wear it down the street has the potential to look silly
  6. Love it, wouldnt look good on me though. Get the bag too!
  7. Super chic!
  8. I really like it.
  9. I really like the belt, it looks so big on the model though lol
  10. Love it!
  11. I prefer the belt over the bag, it actually looks cute and funky !
  12. im the odd one out.. it looks too gaudy to me. =/
  13. I second that. Enough with one of these big buckles...
  14. I think if you're tall and a skinny minny, then it would look great.
  15. Very good for this season. And maybe you can use it next autumn if you buy it in that color :smile:!