Your thoughts on the Deauville...

  1. What are your thoughts on the Mono Deauville? I have drooled over this bag for some time now, and just bought one from let-trade. It should be here in a few days, and I'm so excited!! I just thought, though, I don't see too many Deauvilles out and about, and only a small club here on tPF - are they not considered to be one of the more popular bags? I know that I will love mine when she arrives, just wanted to see what everyone thoughts were. :yes: Thanks for your input!!!
  2. i absolutely adore the deauville! i was just lamenting to my SA that i will buy it....eventually. once MJ slows down this crazy year of releases....perhaps that will be one of the staples i'll purchase. i love the style, the clean lines and the roominess! i'm tempted to get it SOed in damier! congrats to you though. it's a wonderful bag. be sure to show pics when you get it from LT.
  3. I love my Deauville. It is one of my favorite bags. Its nice and roomy!!
  4. I've always liked it. Congrats on getting it from let-trade!
  5. The Deauville is a pretty and functional bag... I highly recommend it! ;)
  6. You know how I feel about mine, I love it and I think you will too!
  7. i love my deauville! it was my first lv...i carry her when i am in my glam, sophisticated mode (basically when i am channeling melania trump) and for my beauty products when i travel.

  8. I have the Deauville! It's a nice bag but it gets heavy, so i use a strap with it - it has the special d-rings to hold a strap. But, I wish my Deauville would soften up a bit because it's very stiff still even though I've had it awhile..... But, it always looks great when it has a darker patina and I see someone else carrying it around!
  9. I really like it. You can use it as a cosmetics case or a handheld for everyday.
  10. I love it! I want one eventually. Can't wait to see pictures.
  11. Nice bag! Perfect for work, daily or make up case, go for it :smile:
  12. ooh congrats :flowers:
  13. It holds ALOT of stuff. Which is great b/c you can also attach a strap. I'm sure you will love yours...congrats.
  14. I love mine! It's so useful and when you have to carry around lots of stuff it is so chic! I know you will love it!:tup:
  15. Deauville was my first baby that i bought too!!! I don't use her much since I bought my epi speedy who I use everyday...