Your thoughts on Spanx...

  1. I am going to a wedding next week and since I'm in the wedding party I really want to look my best. I picked up the dress today and to my horror it hugs my booty a lil too tight. I didn't gain weight-I think maybe the seamstress nipped the waist a bit too tight:huh: .

    In any event I look good but I am self-conscious so I kinda need a booty minimizer asap:shame: ! My sister suggested Spanx. I want to try it but I really hate foundation garments and I hate things that ride up.

    So what are your thoughts on Spanx? TIA :flowers:
  2. they're ok, but....well for one, all my skirts and dresses are about knee lenght, so wheni try to make the spanx shorter, the literally start doing that "roll" thing. also, you can see the line in teh stomach. i don't really like them i guess. also when i wear them with pants, the pants stick funny to them.
  3. I like them-- they keep everything in place with no jiggle!
  4. eh...spanex is ok for lightweight control for nights out or baby showers etc.. IMO but for an important event, I would get something hardcore like The Body Wrap

    I am a firm believer in strong foundation to make any garmet shine - the absolute worst mistake one can make is to be bulging or busting out of a beautiful dress!
  5. I just bought my first pair of Spanx yesterday for the same reason you mentioned--a dress that was a little too tight around the booty. I tried them with the dress and they do a great job of holding everything in. Gotta say they are really, really, really tight--I had a hard time getting them on even though I went up a size. SA strongly recommended I buy a size B based on their size chart, but since most of my weight is in my hips and thighs I went to a size C. Thank heavens because the size B would have been stuck around my knees. I'm not sure how comfortable they will be, but they definitely do the job!

    P.S. I don't think they will ride up, though they may cut off all circulation to my lower legs.
  6. how constricting is it ie will I be able to eat, breathe and move:shame: ? I've used Bodyslimmers before but they discontinued my fave style:sad: and bodyslimmers was pretty constricting IMO. I always felt if I took a deep breath something embarassing would happen :shame:
  7. Spanx panties work really well except they are tight to put on and very hot to wear on a hot day. Once they're on, they are actually very comfortable and not constricting at all. I have one that starts at the waist and another that starts under to breasts. The second one will eliminate the "rolls and bulges" look in the middle area. Once you wear Spanx, you can actually fit into something up to one size smaller! I think that's pretty good.
  8. I personally dont ever think those things help at all. If they pull you in somewhere, a little bit of a roll somewhere else will appear.:shame:

    I even hate panty hose, even the lightest kind makes a roll show around my waist. For me, it does better if I wear nothing but ultra thin panties under a thin dress and it looks alot smoother. I cant stand the feel of anything consticting and the spanx or other garments like that seen to always roll and feel weird. I would starve before Id wear one.
  9. omg crazybaglady - you must be young!! LOL

    no seriously, I hate pantyhose too - they are so archaic. but the ones with spandex/cotton and nylon combos do a good job of letting you breathe, move, be comfortable and actually suck you in some to smooth you out. now granted, you won't be a size smaller, but it makes everything smoooooth.
  10. no actually, I'm a middle age grandmom. :yes: But I'm a runner and have run for over twenty years..but I have a midrif roll which I HATE!!! LOL
  11. i LOATHE them. i'm also a big hater of pantyhose and wetsuits. try putting a wetsuit on oceanside on a warm summer day...

    SPANX; the word strangulation comes to mind. also loss of circulation. sausage. those kinds of words. i'm not small but i decided i no longer had to try to cram myself into something like this. i bought the body shaper and sent it back. oddly enough i really like the bra, which is not constricting at all and does a great job of making a nice smooth line under tees. it's ugly but it does the job

    as much as i disliked spanx it's a DO if you're going to be in photos, for instance and need trimming in the tummy area.
  12. ahhhaa omg me too!!!
    but I do stairs three times per week because my knees are just mush when it comes to running.
  13. I had a similar problem, and had heard about Spanx from a fashion blog. So I headed over to Nordstrom to look at some Spanx options. Here's the two I ended up with:

    SPANX® 'Slim Cognito' Shaping Mid Thigh Bodysuit
    An innovative style that attaches to your own bra to smooth the stomach, back and bottom half. Soft compression yarns are comfortable and breathable.
    - I think this will work the best for your dress. I like it because it hooks onto your own bra so less chance of it sliding down, AND it helps elminate that tummy pooch, while tightening the rear and thighs. I tried on the power panties that look like biking shorts, and while they did a good job of tightening the bottom area, it created that dreaded jelly roll/exaggerated muffin top. I'm also afraid someone hugging me would be able to feel the top of the power panties. This Bodysuit doesn't have that problem, and since you can use your own bra, you can wear it with more dress styles.

    SPANX® 'Hide & Sleek' Camisole
    Supple fabric enhanced with stretch contours the body comfortably, providing control and shape under today's body-conscious fashions.
    - I got this because I hate the muffin top I get when I wear my favorite low rise jeans. It really helps cut down on the size of the muffin top :amuse:, and it can pass for a regular layering tank top, especially in the black. Cause how embarrassing would it be if you were wearing some sort of girdle type thing and it showed over the top of your jeans :cry:. I would wear this under thinner, slimmer tops that emphasize my tummy pooch . The only thing that I don't like about this is that it smooshes my breast down a bit. And since I'm not the biggest up there, it bugs a little :shame: .

    SPANX® Strapless Full Slip
    An all-in-one solution in a cool, soft fabric that gently slims and smoothes everything below the bra line. Double-layer top provides coverage and light support.
    - This might also be an option for you, though I didn't try it. It might also have that smooshing breasts problem....

    Good luck with the dress and Spanx options! I'm sure you'll look great at the wedding!!!