Your thoughts on shorts for this season?

  1. I thought at first, no way, I can't pull it off anymore, but today I tried on a pair of shorts and they looked so cute! The salesgirl actually said to me, "They fit you, damn you!" I think they worked because they were a bit loose in the waist and butt so they weren't skintight and don't look like gogo shorts.

    What do you all think?
  2. I love shorts! They are one of those items that will always be around (even though they got hugely popular again in 2005) but i think if you got it, wear it! sounds like you look good in shorts so why not? I personally love wearing them...a great and sophisticated alternative to a short skirt :smile:

    xo, elle down
  3. I love shorts! :yes:

    Especially now that they've gone "smart", I love that I can wear 'em to work, and look fresh, and chic at the same time! I like them short short for weekends, and longer and more tailored for work. :biggrin:
  4. I went shopping last night and after years of not wearing shorts not thinking I could pull it off, bingo! I hit the jack pot and found three pairs that look great on me. One pair is actually short shorts they stop prob about mid thigh, they look really cute on :yes:
  5. Too bad SF has moderate climate so it's really hard to find this clothing item useful as there are only a few days where we get really really hot in here. Besides that, I haven't been able to feel comfortable to show off my thighs though I have seen some cute shorts :sad:.
  6. I really like the dressy Bermuda or long short look. I don't have any place to wear them, though. Plus, I have such a horrible time finding jeans and pants to fit me, and shorts are no better.:sad:
  7. i love this trend so much! i wear shorts to my casual office practically everyday. i love bermudas (im wearing navy dressy ones now) and cuffed shorts and short shorts and pleated shorts - all of them! my favorite thing about shorts is how cute they look with peep toe heels but you can dress them down with flat sandals.
  8. I love dressier shorts, I have problems finding shorts that fit properly though.
  9. I dislike shorts because I have weird thighs are skinny and I have big knees. I would like a pair of black pinstriped longer shorts that I can wear to work.
  10. Shorts are business casual at the company I work for.. lol. :tup:
  11. i don't wear shorts anymore. i don't look right in shorts. plus my legs are really pale
  12. I hardly ever wear shorts anymore. In fact, I don't really have any except for exercise shorts. I do sometimes wear mini skirts though.
  13. im glad they have regular shorts and not the booty ones that have been around for a while. i love the dress ones from express and the old navy ones that are above the knee!
  14. After reading this thread I'm thinking to get one :p but probably won't get the one that's really short. Do you have any recommendations where to get good shorts? I'm looking for something that's more basic, so I can wear it to work but still cute.
  15. i love shorts, especially the dressier ones...very cute.