Your thoughts on Personalized Speedy?

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  1. Hi Everyone, am not sure if this has been posted before, but sure would like to hear your thoughts on personalized speedy...anyone has it? Any suggestions on the color combinations? Photos will be helpful..Thanks before hand...:smile:
  2. I love mine! Kenzo's right, check out the Club!
  3. I like it much better than a plain one. If I was getting another one I would do black and white.
  4. I have one and love it!
  5. LVoe them wish they came in Damier ebene too!
  6. Want oneee!!
  7. I want one after I get a lot more styles of LV purses. The only thing I am concerned about is what if I have to sell it later? Will anyone buy it because it has my initials on it?
  8. I would love to have one but I can never decide on the colors!!
  9. I love them and I want the keepall 45 but I'm waiting to see if they will offer the service on damier in the future.
  10. i owuld do it
  11. I plan to get one in the future, but I am hoping they come out with a few more color choices! I would love a dark slate grey with cream!
  12. i think heatstamp is ok, but painted is a little too much. personally, i prefer the speedy just the way it is. personalization goes better with wallets and SLGs than handbags.
  13. Not my cup of tea, but they are cute!
  14. I think they are cute, but I don't think i'd buy one.