Your thoughts on people with fakes?

  1. I'm not an expert by any means, but I sometimes see fakes that are soooo obvious. Whenever that happens I kind of feel embarrassed for that person. And maybe a little annoyed also.:push: What tends to come to your mind?
  2. That they are ignorant to the darker side of counterfeit bags, young girls forced to work in terrible conditions & the ties to terrorism.
    We need to educate them!
  3. I think it's sad as they try and come off as something they aren't. (this is for those who know they're wearing fakes though, not the ones who think they have the real deal or don't know what LV is and just wanted a "nice purse with nice letters on"). They're not really fooling anybody apart from themselves.
  4. i'm never embarrassed for that person, more like annoyed. Most of them actually knew they bought fake so it really irritates me because I'm paying so much for the authentic thing.
  5. I rather not have one if it is fake and will not carry a fake.
  6. I agree. I feel this way about everything. If I can't have the one I really want then I will just do without it. I would never buy or carry a fake anything and never have.

    About others carrying fakes---I really think it's their business. Those people probably have different reasons for carrying them. Some probably don't even realize they are carrying fakes and just think they got a great deal on a 'nice bag'. Some probably know it's a fake but really don't think about or care about carrying a fake...they just like the bag. A lot probably don't realize the harm done by purchasing fakes (child labor..ties to terrorism...etc..). I think many are very naive--the vast majority. Yet, others just want to 'be' or respresent something they feel they are not.

    I have a wonderful aunt that purchased a fake Chanel bag from her nail salon. She's in her early 60's and just really didn't know any better. She just liked the bag and didn't care or know if it was Chanel or I think there are many people like her.

    So long as I know mine are real....this is all that matters to me.
  7. ITA, I usually ignore them and figure different strokes for different folks.
  8. I think my feelings on it are kinda on the fence. I feel bad for those that think they bought the real thing because they don't know real LV costs an arm and a leg.
    I also feel "kinda" bad for those that buy fake knowingly so they can be something they're not. But only for their mental state because of why they feel they have to pretend.

    But I also know extremely rich ladies who like to hold onto their money and buy super fakes. They don't want anyone to know the bag is fake but them. They are the kind that can fool even a LV SA, which I HAVE seen happen with my own eyes numerous times. The fact that they can afford the real thing makes them feel like it's okay to be cheap. I don't think that's okay at all.

    But personally, I can tell you there is no replacement for the way you feel when you open that brown box and sport your new authentic bag, no matter how much you paid for it. The fact that I know it's real is all that matters. My hubby even filmed me opening all my cerises items when they arrived, I was such a kid about Priceless.
  9. It's really, really sad though, if someone likes a design a LOT and they can't get it just because its price. Most people can get what they want in our part of the world somehow these days but still...
  10. I really do not want to judge the people who carry fakes. However, I loose respect for them if they are trying to tell people that the bag is real, when it is not. I do not like people to be dishonest.
  11. I have a friend who is known to carry "inspired" bags. For example she has a black leather bag that is shaped just like a epi speedy 25. The difference is it's not textured like the epi (this one is smooth), there are no pockets on the side of the bag and there is no LV on it but it does have a silver lock hanging from the tab.

    It's actually a nice leather bag, but I know she carries it because she loves the shape and she really wants a speedy. It just makes me want to get a real epi speedy for her.

    For me personally, I would never and have never carried a fake bag, but I'm pretty sure most lower end bags are somewhat inspired by the high end / designer brands out there. Before I ever bought a designer bag I carried Nine West, Guess and basically anything I found cute and not too pricey at target and TJMaxx. A lot of these were probably inspired, but never a fakes!

    I really have no right to judge someone because of the bag they carry. I wish people didn't carry fakes, I HATE fakes, but I know that people do carry them, just as long as I know that my bags are the real deal that's all that matters.
  12. I don't let it bother me as it is their life. However, the ones who do annoy me are the ones proudly displaying their fake and telling people it is the real thing.
  13. While I don't condone fakes, what just really gets me is those people who try to pass it off as real. That just bugs me. Don't lie about it!

    Also, here is my problem with the argument of "I just like the style!": There are just SO many bags out there of similar styles that are not blatant counterfeit bags. They are affordable and many of them are still very stylish and cute. When people don't buy one of those, I tend to think that the brand matters more than the style to those people.

    If the brand simply didn't matter, if they just wanted a similar "cute" bag, there wouldn't been a need for counterfeit bags. If someone is buying a bag with LV, Chanel, etc... stampted on it, the name is important to the person and IMHO, the name clearly trumps "style".
  14. I have mixed feelings about it as well and I believe that different people have different reasons for sporting the fake LV's.

    There is a girl on my bus every morning who carries an extremely fake black MC speedy. She does not dress well and clearly doesn't appear to invest a lot of time/money into style or fashion. I figure that she probably doesn't know any better and just bought it because she thought it was cute and saw other people carrying similar fakes. I don't think she was trying to fool anyone or come across as someone shes not. I do feel kinda sick to my stomach everytime I look at her bag, and probably have weird looks on my face everytime I eye it up.
  15. I'm guilty of purchasing a fake Chloe several years ago. :shame: I did it because I just couldn't wait to save up my money for the real thing. Just had to have it right that minute. It's a very good fake. I put it alongside the real deal and it's very hard to tell the difference. But I KNOW there's a difference, I KNOW it's a fake and it doesn't give me nearly as much pleasure as my genuine bags. I'll never do it again. It's just not the same.

    When you plunk down your hard earned money for a fake, you have nothing but a fake.

    I won't judge people who do buy them, but I'm glad that I don't. I learned my lesson. :noggin: