Your thoughts on Patent Luxury Ligne collection??

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  1. I know a lot of you adore the regular leather bags from the luxury ligne, but what about the patent version? It seems like the patent version is not as popular. I have not seen the patent version in real life before. For those of you who have, can you please give me the pro & con of the patent leather version?? Is the patent stiff? Will the
    Chanel patent stretches overtime & become softer & slouchier?? Also, did Chanel release this collection in both the regular patent leather & the crinkled patent? (Which type of patent leather is supposed to be better? & what's the difference?) I wish I have a Chanel boutique near me. I hope you guys can help! Lastly, if you have some modelling pictures of the luxury bowler in patent, please please post them here!!! I have been searching through the forum for them & I can't find any esp with the bag carried on the shoulder. Thanks in advance! :heart:
  2. I don't prefer them:nogood:
    I actually like patent a lot, but for me personally, not on luxe.
  3. Here's a picture of **bisousx** with her luxe patent bowler.

    I also have 1 in black patent and I don't think the leather is too stiff at all.I've only used it a few times but I really think it's very practical and not easily scratched.
  4. Oh wow....Thank you so much for the picture. She looks so gorgeous with her gold bowler!! I didn't know the patent gold color can look that :yes: gMbt...if you have any modelling pics, please post them here. I would love to see your black patent bowler. :graucho:
  5. I think patent is a little too much on the luxe bags, but their patent is quiet soft and lovely.
  6. The only patent color I like on the bowler is black, it's so gorgeous.
  7. Aww.. there's me! There's actually small black stains on the handles and I can't figure out if they were there before I bought the bag or did I rub it on something.. I have to take it to Chanel to see what's going on... :confused1: The leather is really soft and seems low maintenance but it doesn't have the shape that I would want it to have.. it is a bit slouchy..
  8. Hi HappyAngel,

    I loooove patent leather, esp frm Chanel, but have owned and returned the red luxe bowler, the red luxe flap $2750, and large luxe ligne blk patent tote $2750 from last s/s or f/w (all in a distressed/crinkled patent leather). The red luxe bowler for me was a bit too flashy/blingy and I wasn't in love w/ the shade of red, since i am usually more casual.

    Also the leather was very thin at the bottom of the bag, so it would dip quite a lot in the middle kinda like an lv speedy but worse. It bugged me that the leather was so thick on the rest of the bag but so cheap/thin on the bottom. It's just details like that that make me think (why didn't Chanel just cut a thicker piece of leather?).

    I did keep a timeless classic tote in patent that I adore (I think b/c it has the quilting, for some reason that makes a diff for me in terms of the look of the leather) and use it for evenings.

    Plus, I realized I just love the way my non-patent leather Chanel's gets more supple and beautiful w/ time and use.

    You really have to see the bags in person to know as it may very from line to line and color to color. But you cant really go wrong w/ Chanel patent.;)