Your thoughts on heirloom

  1. My grandmother has passed down some heirlooms. The diamonds are really beautiful and great quality but the mountings are very antique-looking and complicated, where she admits that it is hard to wear it regularly. She doesn't ban the heirlooms to be sold but I don't really want to sell it. I just want to change the mounting but my paranoia will not let me to give it to some jeweler to take care of it. In my country, there are jewelers who would measure the diamonds and make the mounting and a few weeks later would implant the diamonds in front of the owner. This is to make sure that the diamonds are not switched.

    So my question is this: If you were in my situation would you
    a. sell the heirlooms and get something else (still diamonds, just not sure where from: winston, debeers,, bvlgari, etc, etc)
    b. change the mounting

    If you pic b, where is the place to do it safely?

  2. You don't mention what kind of pieces they are, some are more suited to being put into new settings while others beg to be left in the original settings. ALso, the type of metal the setting is made of would help. Pictures would be best!
  3. Totally!! ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

    You can also get your jeweller to examine the stones and note out any distinguishing inclusions or features,and then write them down on the workshop copy and give you a copy too!!!! That should dissuade any potential switching,also get him to test them all with a diamond probe,it beeps if its a real diamond and not if its a fake,then you can also do that when they come back.Diamond switching is really not worth the hassle to most jewellers nowadays,but the above would set your mind at rest!!xxxx

    Incidentally,I bought an old cut diamond and had it put in a much more contemporary setting,it worked relly well for mine,but its as Speedy says,they may be begging to stay in their original settings as thats what showcases them the best!!xxxx
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  4. If you are in the US, you might ask members here from your state to see who they recommend. The other option is to contact the GIA or other gem associations. There are a few jewelers on tPF that might be able to help you find a reliable source for your repair. I use a very ethical jeweler where I live. He's reset a lot of my stuff.
  5. If you are able to find a jeweler you can trust not to replace stones with imposters, I would have them re-mounted. It seems a shame to sell something that belonged with your family for so many years.
  6. I'd have them remounted in a deisgn you feel comfortble with.
    Heirlooms are sentimental to me so I wouldn't sell them, but I don't have a problem w/ redesigning them.
    My Grandmother gave me a diamond cocktail ring in the shape of a butterfly. As soon as she gave it to my dad {for him to deliver to me} she said "This is not Amanda's style, tell her she can her it re-set."
    It has 34 diamonds in it, no idea of the quality. I have a jeweler I trust, this reminds me I need to sit down w/ him about this!
  7. I would go w/ option B, I'd hate to see something that was a family item be sold off. Re-set the stones and enjoy them!
  8. Yeah thanks everyone. It's not that I'm afraid that the jeweler would trade them with a fake diamond but I don't think I want to have a different diamond either if I were to have them remounted.

    I don't feel comfortable posting jewelery pictures but I have several pieces: rings, bracelet, earrings, necklace. All the designs are very complicated. The ring with a solitaire, for instance, has such a complicated design that it looks very high. When I wear it and measure from the base of my finger to the top of the solitaire, it's about 1 inch high lol...
  9. i would SAVE THE ORIGINAL MOUNTING without the diamonds and have the diamonds re-set....that way u can go back to the original if u want to
  10. ^^Oh wow, that's the best idea ever!