your thoughts on gucci...

  1. hi there,

    do you all think it is worth it to spend so much on a gucci bag you reaaally like??

    has anyone busted your budget before buying these bags...

    thoughts anyone;)
  2. ooooh spill, what you planning on buying?
  3. Oh yea, I totally agree with paying a lot of money for a quality purse that will be around forever!!!!
  4. I agree. I definitely will put the money out for something timeless and classic. It's an investment but you'll have it forever. That's how I try to look at it.

    I'm trying to get back on track and stay with the classics.
  5. :yes: :yes:
  6. definitely! every woman deserves getting a gucci bag that she primarily wanted! :smile:
  7. I really think you need to make sure you have the money for the bag rather then just bust your budget...I love my gucci's, lv's, mj's...But I need to feel I'm not overextending myself. Gosh, I sound like my mother, but I am 40 and a mother so I guess it's ok.:rolleyes:
  8. i am 31 (about to turn 32) and got my first taste of gucci just early this year. i've always loved designer handbags but was never able to afford them until now. and i guess because of that i am a little bit more cautious about spending all my money on one bag. i haven't done that yet. i'm about to (i think) for christmas and my birthday. but in general, i really try to wait for a sale before making a major purchase. it's difficult to enjoy a purse when you know it's going to put you in the red, right?:yes:
  9. LOL! I ordered two horsebit hobos earlier this year, I wanted them so badly, they both came in at once and my PHH was like 3 Grand WTH-so busted!! It passed though, and I adore those bags
  10. hahaha understand what you mean:yes:
  11. anyway, THAAANKS eveyone for your opinions, it is appreciated!!:flowers:
  12. Shushopn..I'm with you...although I can't say that my handbag purchases don't throw my budget off for a while....And yes..I can justify the expense because it makes me feel GOOD....Everybody is into something....But thanx God for tpf....I feel MUCH better now knowing I am not alone in my handbag fetish! To the stores ladies!!!! :heart: Emmy
  13. LOL.. my Blondie has become my most expensive bag purchase, but it was totally worth it because I've been drooling over this bag for years. I'm so happy with it, even the CC bill just came this month and I barely have enough to cover it! Time for me to go on a diet anyway.... LOL.
  14. a person lives only once ;)
  15. Most definitely, especially if you're dreaming and thinking about 24/7!!! ;)