Your thoughts on color fashion

  1. I live in Hawaii and California so we're not as strict as the East Coast, but ....

    I'm debating between a dark purple, silver metallic or the standard brown MiuMiu Coffer bag.

    The dark purple is really dark - almost black. I can see how I could use this year-round instead of a black bag. But would certain colors like wearing green really clash?

    What about the silver metallic? Could this be year-round?

    I could get the standard brown - but I thought it could be a little "different" to go with purple or silver. But, I want something I can use year-round.

    purple coffer.jpg silver coffer.jpg
  2. Oh how I envy you! I want one of those sooooo bad:drool::drool::drool:

    Seriously, I think either one of those colors can be worn year round. The silver is almost a light grey color, and isn't so "bling-bling." And you're right about the purple - it is VERY dark, and can be worn w/anything (unless you're in bright light and/or sunlight, I don't think most people would even notice that it was purple).

    I think I would go w/the purple cuz it's such a unique color. Which one are you leaning towards?
  3. I really like that bag!

    I'd be in the same bind you are, though... The purple is so dark that it's almost a neutral, and I think the bag looks better lighter.

    On the other hand, I'm personally not so into the metallics. Maybe it's shinier in the picture than it is in person, in which case that one gets my vote for you.

    Good luck. I want to know what you choose!
  4. I'm so jealous that you are faced with this decision! It's such a NICE bag! Not to mention that you live in Hawaii...double lucky! Okay, I say get the brown. It will go with everything and if it's a bag your carrying for all seasons. It will go with everything!
  5. I might be a big dork but I pretty much buy Brown or Black or Tan because I feel like they go with the most stuff...
  6. I usually buy all Brown. I like the purple though, it seems like it would go with more than the silver.
  7. Sister Dork here :p. I generally only get black or brown too. That's becuase for the amount of cash I spend on bags I better be able to wear them with just about anything!

    JMHO though. I think you should get that purple coffer!
  8. Woowoo Dorks Unite!

    I envy folks who have colored bags, and multiple bags. Im a big chicken.
  9. i think both colours are just as great as each other for a all year round bag :smile:.
    however i read somewhere in tpf that metallic on leather generally does not last as long as other colours. metallic tend to "fade" off and reveal the underlying colour overtime. therefore i'll probably get the purple or brown.
    personally i think purple is ok with green but i wil not wear it with orange or yellow hues - too contrast for me but probably fashionable to others
  10. For year round use I'd probably suggest the brown tone.
    But I REALLY like the silver...
    It is a bit bold, but every once and awhile it's fun to stand out a bit and show some fashion flair and confidence.
  11. Oh, in the Coffer bag the suede brown is BEAUTIFUL. The color, variations in tone, overall look of the bag... I'm not as fond of the smooth leathers in that bag, though they would likely be more practical. I've always seen the brown suede as the "original" Coffer and I love it best!
  12. Gosh, I don't know. Any color would be nice. Here in Maryland it is definately overcast a lot of the time. And even though we get warm summer weather, it seems most of the time I am suffering through winter. So I don't know which way I'd go if I was fortunate enough to live where you do!

    I do feel certain that whichever one you choose you can't go wrong.
  13. I think the coffer looks best in brown. The folds really pop and the leather looks so soft!
  14. I vote purple. I don't know about this bag, but I usually don't like mettalic finishes on bags. Many metallic leathers use a different dying process so the leather isn't as soft and long lasting.

    I like purple because it a little different than black or brown. It might not match everything but it would probably "go" with just about anything without clashing.

    I faced a similar question the first time I broke away from black/brown and bought a jade bag. I wasn't sure if I would use it enough. I actually get more use out of it than my black and brown bags.
  15. Loosen up ladies-variety is the spice of life!:yahoo:
    I have handbags in every color! It's so much fun to add some color to your blacks, navy, and browns!