your thoughts on Brentwood, Segur MM, Viva Cite and Belem MM

  1. hi everyone! this is my very first post on tPF. i've been a diehard LV fan for over a decade now but didn't know about this site till now. d'oh! :p but i've been reading nonstop for the past few weeks.

    anyway, i'm planning to get a new LV really soon to add to my collection and was wondering is any of you have the Brentwood? i'm looking at the pomme d'amour color and wanted to know if it's a heavy bag or not and if the vernis is durable? a couple of my regular SAs tell me it's not very durable and will get stained. i don't own any vernis and really love the pomme color + the Brentwood style. i own a Luco tote and find it way too heavy for me. i'm wondering if the Brentwood is similar in weight or will it be lighter?

    i'm also leaning towards the Viva Cite GM, Segur MM and Belem MM. any thoughts on these as well?

    i'd appreciate any input! nice *meeting* you all!
  2. Welcome :flowers:
    Out of your choices, I'd get the Segur MM!
    I own the Belem MM but I never use this bag, it just doesn't work for me :sad:... the Viva Cité GM looks huge IMO (too huge for my personal taste)... the Brentwood in pomme would be nice, too. But the Epi is probably more versatile and durable :yes:
  3. Welcome! Out of all of them, I'd have to agree with GerGirl--Segur MM. I love the look of that bag. The Belem looks difficult to get in and out of, although it's very pretty.

    I also really love vernis and I like the Brentwood style. Maybe you should try it out at the boutique? I wouldn't know the weight personally. :sad: Since you said that you want the pomme color, I don't think you'd have to worry about color transfer (since the red is pretty dark). Vernis is delicate, but it's not fragile...problems seem to occur through MAJOR wear-and-tear.

    I prefer the viva-cite MM over the GM, but I know you want the GM. My only misgiving about the bag is that it looks bulky and difficult to put on the shoulder. I saw a petite woman carrying one while shopping, and it looked like she was having a difficult time walking and catching up with her kids. And I've heard this bag can get pretty heavy...
  4. I would go with the Brentwood or the Segur MM.
    I have a vernis and I stuff all my things in there and carry it everyday and so far so good.
    Its pretty durable...but epi is more durable i think.
  5. thank you so much for your input!!

    i'm going next monday to see how the bags look and feel. it's always so different once you put "things" inside and simulate your actual day to day bag.

    and i appreciate your thoughts on the Belem MM as i thought it's so cute but i tried it on once before at the store and it was not very comfy but i love the look of it.

    i'll definitely have to try on the Segur MM, Brentwood and the Viva Cite GM in person. maybe there'll be new things i want to try on as well! ;)
  6. The Vive Cite GM is a great bag in person, I have that one and it's really cute and versatile. I like how it only has one strap instead of two so you don't have to worry about one falling off your shoulder!
    And I like the Brentwood but it has the textile lining instead of leather like the Houston does. However, the Brentwood is a lot more comfy on the shoulder for most people. :yes:
  7. Welcome to TPF!:flowers:

    Many members have the Brentwood. Im hoping to get a newer color in the fall.
  8. Welcome!
    I wanted to buy the belem last weekend but couldn`t find the time to go to LV (unbelievable that something could stop me from that...). I tried it on before and I think it is a great bag. The zippers go all the way down and you have two outside pockets which is very handy to put in a book or travelcard or phone (you see, I am a fan), and the damier is so duable. If you do a search you will find some pictures and comments here.
    I tried out the Brentwood some time ago and really liked the size. Not too heavy for me and I have vernis items and I do not find them delicate. It is a pretty bag, and the red...very nice.
    I find the Viva Cite a bit too structured but saw some people carrying it and it looks very professional.
    I love the Segur as a professional bag, would look very good if you need it for work.
  9. thanks again everyone for your input! it's always great to hear from actual owners of the bags because you never know how it is until you use it.

    but i have big news....i woke up today and there was a big LV shopping bag in my computer room. it's my birthday today and guess what my husband surprised me with?

    the Pomme d'Amour Brentwood!!! omg, the color and size is so great. i love this bag!! i am concerned though as always, about the durability of the vernis though. i could of course exchange it for something else but it's gorgeous!! i've always been drawn to the viva-cite gm because it's so practical. but i don't think i can give the pomme up now! :smile:
  10. ^^Congrats!
  11. Lucky you! :love: :love: Happy Birthday to you!
  12. welcome. i don't have the brentwood would love it. i have droped a few little hints to myboyfriend, hope i get it.
  13. I looked at the Brentwood in Perle at LV Boutique recently....what a great bag!!! I love is on my wish list!!!
  14. Congrats! The brentwood is a hot bag...