your thoughts needed please

  1. ur thoughts are needed on chelsea optic satchel in chocolate.
  2. I LOVE that bag! Its very cute. Unfortunately, I'm a shoulder bag person. I tried wearing it over my shoulder but the bag is too wide for me and one strap kept falling off. :confused1: If you're a satchel girl...I'd go for it! I like that its not too big yet you can fit a ton in that bag! Its also reasonably priced.
  3. i have the chelsea optic satchel in khaki and i love it! i get so many compliments on it..the size is perfect...not huge but not small either...easy to get in and out is a satchel though and u can prolly only use it as a shoulder bag if your arms are really thin..i can't get it up that high so i just hold it in the crook of my arm...i thought it would be difficult to take care of but i've had it for 4 months and it still looks brand new...and as far as i know u can use the signature fabric cleaner for stains...i was afraid that the rain would stain the leather on the handles and trim but it doesn' overall, i highly recommend the bag...the only thing i have to say is that i saw the chocolate when it first came out in the store and it's truly a rich choclate's a very nice color for fall...the color i see online, however, in my opinion does not truly depict the actual color of the chocolate, it seems a tad darker online...i hope i was of help..let us know what you decide!
  4. It's very pretty, but I'm a shoulder bag kinda gal too. I like the look of the satchels, but I gotta be able to throw my bag on my shoulder and go.