Your Thoughts: Bal Compagnon v. Money??

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  1. What are your thoughts: Balenciaga Compagnon versus Balenciaga Money? Pros/Cons?
  2. I don't own a Money but I just got my first Compagnon this week and I love it. I haven't owned anything Balenciaga before. It holds so many cards (I have discount and points cards mainly) and yet it is really light and not very thick. It also has like 3 slip in pockets and 1 zip pocket in it. So it will hold a lot of receipts, money, etc. I am absolutely loving it and I am sure I will buy another one sometime.

    I guess it depends on what you want to carry with you in your wallet.
  3. I have a compagnon wallet. I love that it is big with lots of slots for my cards and three compartments for receipts, great for keeping everything organized.the zip-around gives it a great look (looks like a clutch).
  4. I love them both, I also cannot decide which one I like more
  5. I prefer the Money. I seem to be going into my wallet constantly and I find the snap opening quicker to deal with than the zipper.
  6. GO FOR THE MONEY :tup:
    I carry so much stuff, I thought I would need the companion, but I got a GSH Money instead. I am amazed by how much it holds! I can fit all of my cards, money change receipts in it and there is always room to spare. It opens and closes so easily, I think the zip on the companion would annoy me.
  7. I don't own either, but I prefer the zip around on wallets in general, so I would choose the compagnon.
  8. I love the money wallet. I love wallets in general and have a few, but since I got the money wallet it's all I've really used: it's so easy and trim = perfect! I would recommend getting it in a dark color though.
  9. I have had both the Money and Compagnon and prefer the Compagnon. They both a ton but I find the Com works best for me. Plus I love the fact that they are big enough to hold my cell and gloss zipped inside and I can thread a vintage chain through it and carry it a small shoulder bag/clutch every once in a while to switch it up.
  10. I have a Compagnon and LOVE it. It is so open and easy to use and every slot is accessible. It is pretty big and would even make a nice clutch if need be. I have dove now and maldives on the way - so pretty! I don't like how the Money is more like a file system and everything sort of bunches together. When I open my wallet I prefer it to be all spread out and visible. I rarely zip the whole thing shut though.
  11. I have both. I don't think i could pick a favorite.
  12. I think the Compagnon is great because of the zipper but I prefer the Money - it is easier to get into and I think it has a cuter shape than the Compagnon. I second getting one in a dark color :yes:
  13. the Money. For all the reasons that everyone else has said. It is just so easy, it forces you to be organized, while very easy to get in to.
  14. I vote Compagnon! I had to make this decision a while ago when I decided to get a Bal wallet, and I LOVE the Jaune Compagnon that I ended up getting. I like the Compagnon because it spreads out flat instead of opening to a pocket type thing. It holds a lot, and I have used it as a clutch (with a car key, gloss, and cell zipped inside) and it was great!

    It is pretty big for a wallet, but also will fit inside a First very comfortably with room to spare. It is amazing!
  15. Thanks for all the input. I can't wait till I get my hands on one! :smile: