Your Thoughts - Apple Green City

  1. I need help / advice ...

    What do you folks really think about the Apple Green City currently on eBay?

    I know that in the other thread, folks mentioned that there is a fair amount of "wear & tear" that is visible. Given the price and with the Fall 2006 bags right around the corner, what do you think? Mind you, I just plunked down the 'ole C/C for the Cognac Weekender (30% off - woo hoo) at Joan Shepp too.

    Seriously, I need your help ...
  2. Hmm...I don't know. It is a gorgeous color, but those handles look pretty gnarly. Especially for over retail! :hrmm: And like you mentioned, F/W bags are right around the corner. I'm dying for an apple green, too, but I think I would rather spend it on a brand new bag for that BIN price, or at least one with less wear + tear.

    Congrats on your Cognac, by the way! I picked up a black Weekender from Joan Shepp on sale, too! :roflmfao:
  3. It depends on how badly you want an Apple bag...I would request some
    additional photos in outdoor daylight lighting (especially of the handles
    and corners) if it's too worn then I would definitely pass on it. Maybe put a bid in and see what happens (instead of BIN). I love the color myself and don't think you will regret buying it, even with the Fall colors right around the corner. I think the Apple will always be a classic. My big consideration would be the level of wear and tear....
  4. ^^ I agree! Maybe put in a bid and see what happens.
  5. I would wait, CeeJay, at least until that color cools down a bit. The handles would needs some work, too, and the starting bid is over retail. A bag is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it. If you are looking forward to fall, maybe hold off. I think you'll be able to get a better deal.
  6. I don't think it's that bad really (wear and tear). You've been wanting one since aaages so I'd say get it! Since the price was lowered I think it's a good deal :yes: but maybe just bid on it not BIN if you're not sure?
  7. hey CeeJay - i know you've been wanting a Apple Green City for awhile now! i think the wear and tear is not too bad... i mean you can always clean it up once you get it! :amuse: As for the price - i reckon the hard to fine colours are always going to be OTT! I reckon you should get this bag!!! :love: actually, i think its a PF member... i could be wrong though.
    Good luck!
  8. CeeJay, the price is not that bad, almost like retail + tax, especially considering crazy bbag prices lately. And the slight darkening on the handles I don't really mind. It's not as bad as others I've seen, and it's only on the bottom of the handles. If I've been searching for one forever like you, I would jump on it... Good luck CeeJay!!
  9. CeeJay - I would pass on that the applegreen too. I think for a little more, you could probably get one in excellent condition without showing as much wear. I know how long you've been wanting one, but I wonder if one in such a condition would really satisfy you too.

    Good luck either way. If you don't think another one will come your way, I would jump on it!
  10. I don't think the price is bad. It is a rare bag that doesn't come up often at all. I'm surprised no one grabbed it yet.
  11. ceejay, the seller is a PFer. ask for additional pics. she's very sweet.
  12. ^^:yes: ITA...It's a rare bag and so many people looking for this color. I'd grab it! You can always sell it if you find a better one.
  13. someone bought it?