your thought please

  1. [​IMG] I just saw this on craigslist I don't ever remember seing this color combo???:confused1:
  2. FAAAAAAKKKKEEEE. Interesting colors but fake.
  3. Those were my thoughts when I first saw it just wanted to check with you gals!
  4. so ugly!
  5. the color combo is an actual style that coach did. this was a good couple years ago. it's not really my taste, but i remember that one of my old colleages had this in the pouch style. but this particular signature demi is a total fake. the signature C's do not line up symmetrically. here's some real ones on eBay:
    87550010_tp.jpg b660_1.JPG.jpg
  6. :throwup:
  7. Yup, you are totally right! I believe these were from 2003 or 2004 if I am remembering correctly.