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  1. Well, my first thread was a rant on eBay.

    This is one is of awesome news!

    I got the Dooney & Bourke Zebra Medium Safari Bag
    From the D&B store using the $50.00 coupon.
    So the total with shipping and tax was $274.00

    Thanks to you all for helping me out and listening to me vent.
    I really do Thank You All!

    I never figured that a man would have been welcomed on a purse forum,
    but was I ever wrong.

    I just hope all of your Husbands /Boyfriends,
    Buy all of you something that you really want and deserve!

    Tell them this coupon works over the phone Not Online and get you something nice.
    They don't even have to go into the store.

    I want to thank fashion1sta, nana00, yvalenz for this coupon and the idea to call the D&B store!
    And any one else that I forgot.

    So this what I bought my Wife,:heart: Who I Love Soooo Much!:heart:
    BTW her name is Colette and She will get to join this forum after Christmas!
    Since I can't tell her about all of you and how you all helped out until then!
    13 days left!

    I got her the red trimed one which is really the one she wanted.
    It ships out tonight from LA. CA.

    Once again You are:
    :tup:!! THE BEST !!:tup:

    Thank You All Once Again For Your Help!

  2. :yahoo:i'm glad! the "red" trim- even BETTER! I hope your wife enjoys the handbag! You got an excellent deal: its AUTHENTIC + you got it $50 off! I think we should applaud you for joining this forum and searching DILIGENTLY to get her the perfect handbag.
  3. That's great news Matt. Well done for persisting!
  4. Happy to hear it worked out, Matt!
  5. What a great job you have done for your wife! :tup: She is a very lucky woman. :flowers:
  6. Congrats, I'm so glad you found one! Your wife will be so happy!
  7. yaya!
  8. I'm glad it all worked out for you!
  9. Aw, that is wonderful, and you are so sweet to be getting this for her!

    We will be waiting to welcome her when she is "allowed" to join after she opens her new bag!
  10. Congrats Matt! I read your other post and was hoping you'd have a successful quest!

    We definitely will welcome your wife with open arms! By the way, if you're ever looking to give lessons to husbands on gift giving, please let me know as I would love to sign mine up!

    And, yes, it WILL get expensive once your wife joins! We're nice, but there are a lot of enablers here! LOL!
  11. Youy're so sweet!!! Colette is very lucky:yes:
  12. What a sweet husband. I'm blessed with a husband who appreciates my need for fine handbags too! It is a wonderful thing. Happy Holidays :smile:
  13. Wow!
    I'm actually the one who is the lucky one.
    Colette is the most caring person that I ever met.
    And I don't just say that since I married her.( but I sure am glad I did.)
    I guess how this Quest really begain was the fact that she has never complain once when I brought home another piece of Audio Hardware or another Bass.
    Any of these can range from $500 to over $5000.
    We have one simple rule in our house All Bill Are Paid First,and any purchases that either of us do that is over $100 we check with the other first.
    Well this always worked great but you know what?
    Colette hardly has in the 5 3/4 years we have been married ever asked for anything that is frivolous.(and No I'm not saying all these higher dollar handbags are frivolous)
    What I 'm saying that she would have been perfectly happy with a handbag from "The Evil Empire"(oh excusses me Walmart!)
    So I guess this how and why I end up here.
    I was doing research on these Items and boy have I learn a lot in the last month.
    I also found a great community of people that real care about others.:tup:
    I know that Colette will find many great new friends in this forum. (After Chirstmas Oh Coarse!)
    And yes I broke all the rules this year:angel: when it came to spending on her. (I actual have bought her 3 other purses other than the D&B Zebra Safari. the others are all Fossils.
    One is a Fossil Claudia Tote, the other is a Fossil Blackburn II Satchel, and the last one is a older Fossil that looks sorta like the Claudia Tote but is in her favorite color RED.(this one I think I gave $12.99 on eBay so it was kind of a stocking stuffer for her.)
    So I guess this is a start.
    I know your all saying buy her a LV or a Coach or.......:yes:
    First we have to find out what she might really like.( and I'm counting on it that you are all capable of helping with this!)
    I'm just not sure she even knows what she might like, It was hard enough find out that she really wanted the D&B Zebra Safari Bag!(The RED trim was the easy part!)
    I just want to be able to give back to her what she has always given to me unconditional :heart:LOVE:heart: and maybe something once in awhile that may be a little bit frivolous but fun to have and collect.

    Thanks again to all of you that have helped.
    And to those that will in the Future!

    :dothewave: :tpfrox::dothewave: