Your tax refund. Spend it on Coach?

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  1. or save it with the economy being so bad right now?

    If you are going to spend it what are you planning on getting?

    I am going to get a Berry Sabrina.
    (Well I really want one but they are currently unobtainable.....*deep sigh*)

    I have also thinking about the Rose Gold Sabrina a lot too.
    And that frog prince keychain will be mine as well!

    Need to go and see her IRL to decide if I should make one little exception on my ban for her. :love:
  2. I'll save my refund that's my plan unless I find a bag that I really really love. Just enjoying the bags that I have right now.
  3. HAHAHA funny you should ask that, but yes. I've got two purses lined up to get with my tax money!! My other MANDY and LILY (Thanks to a fellow TPFer you know who you are =P)!!!!!!!! I would love to own the Hamptons Vintage Leather Hobo in Mineral... but I'm not sure that's in the cards for me...=(

  4. Saving it for my trip to Perú :beach:
    :party: Can't wait!

  5. We don't get a refund.
    Usually, we have to pay!
    We don't like parting w/ our $$$ to Unc Sam before we have to!
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    Last edited: Jan 28, 2009
    I'll use the $ to go directly to my RRSP contributions. Coach will be from saving up. That's a good thing about Coach--it can always wait.
  7. We'll be paying in this year too-no Coach bags for me for a while :ban:
  8. I usually get to use a little of our refund on Coach, and hubby gets to take a golf trip, LOL! This year I'd like to get the violet Spectator Sabrina!
  9. I think this will be the first year that I won't use some refund money to buy Coach. I just don't see anything I have to have. I like the new heritage stripe tote but I have one from last year and I figure theywill be in the outlets soon anyway. I'll wait and see, you never know if something great may come out next month.
  10. I will be spending a portion of my refund on my first trip to the outlet! Who knows what I will come home with... :P
  11. If I was living in a DreamLand-- where bills doesn't exist! LOL

    FOR COACH, I'd buy a Baby Pink Leather Julianne (that I saw over the weekend at a Japanese Coach Boutique-- color is sooooo pretty and since I LUUUUV pink, I'd say it is TDF!!!) and I love LV too.. so I'd buy a Rose Speedy and a Pink Graffiti Speedy and NF!

    ...but then DreamLand doesn't exist, so.. uhmmm.. unfortunately, I won't/can't spend our tax refund money on bags. :sad:
  12. Im not going to say yes, but i wont say no either.:girlsigh: I really want the Pattey Sandals.

    We are getting more back then usual,so i know a small chunk of it will be going directly to pay off a bill,another small chunk to our savings account and im trying convince Dh that we "need" a new tv for the family room.

    Did i mention that they are opening a boutique store in my local mall on the 30th.
  13. Probably no coach for me:crybaby: Although DH and I are using the money to pay for our trip to Maui in september soooooooo........I suppose I can live with that!! LOL
  14. i may get one bag and a few accessories, dh wants to upgrade to a newer boat and some it will go to our trip to cali and the rest is going in savings.
  15. I probably will, but it wont be as soon as I get it. I'm probably going to wait until the next PCE which is usually before my birthday that way I can justify buying a new bag. :smile: