Your sunglasses collection!

  1. Hey everyone, I thought this would be a cool thread to start! Here is my collection, lets see yours!!

    Group Shot
    show 030.jpg

    Laura Biagiotti (MY FAV)
    show 031.jpg

    Laura Biagiotti
    show 032.jpg

    show 033.jpg

    show 034.jpg
  2. Oo very nice!
    I only have a few atm but i will post some pictures soon!
  3. Here's mine, I only have photos of these 3 because I'm a Chanel junkie and posted these pics for reference there and don't wear my others anymore.
    IMG_2080.jpg DSCF2514.jpg IMG_1385.jpg DSCF1863.jpg
  4. I have 4 pairs of sunglasses I rotate between. 1 pair of Chanels, 1 pair of Fendi, 1 from Forever 21 (cheap-o), and 1 pair of polarized sunnies from a little local shop I got for $40.00. Pics:



    Forever 21 cheap-o's:
  5. Will post when the rest of my sunnies arrive from London - shipping them back..

    3 dVb pairs - aviators, oversized, visors
    2 Gucci pairs - aviators, wraparounds
    1 Versace
    2 Ray bans

    I intend to add dita sunnies to my collection..but I can't seem to find them anywhere!!
  6. Great Pics!!!
  7. i wanna play! pictures are taken from my macbook cam. not the best quality. hehe

    Chanel eyeglasses
    Tom Ford
    Louis Vuitton bindis

    Photo 42.jpg Photo 51.jpg Photo 57.jpg Photo 58.jpg Photo 62.jpg

  8. oooh, im jealous!!!

    i want to see the gucci's too:tup:
  9. Great thread!! Swanky and LivinLuxuriously: LOVE your Chanel sunnies!! As soon as I get a job, I'm so getting myself a pair! :p Do you know if they do presciption sunglasses??
  10. would love love LOVE to see your dVb ones!!!!

  11. Great sunnies everyone!
  12. Dior "Rush" - 003Y0
    DKNY - 7909S
    Prada - SPR52R
    Gianfranco Ferré - GF60501
    Ray Ban "Aviators" - RB3025
  13. I'm looking at purchasing the dvb sunnies myself. ;)
  14. LOL I only have 1 pair of Juicy sunglasses...I need expand my collection! ;)