Your suggestions wanted!

  1. I got my first piece of Tiffany jewelry for v-day. My husband bought me the silver return to tiffany heart earrings. Now I am on the hunt for an everyday necklace from Tiffany. I don't live very close to the store, so I've been looking at their on-line selection. It's really hard to tell the size of the pendants as most of them don't give dimensions. So, I would like some suggestions from all you Tiffany fans. I would prefer either white gold or sterling silver. Any shape is fine with me. Hearts, ovals, stars, etc. I just want to hear what you love about your tiffany pendants and what you hate about them, too. I want this to be something I can live in so nothing too "bling" if you know what I mean. Our anniversary is coming up in May so I'm composing a list to give to my husband. Most of my $$ has went to Louis Vuitton over the last year, but I'm taking a break from handbags now and trying to build my jewelry wardrobe. Thanks so much for your help and sorry I have rambled on and on...............:p
  2. I have my eye on the Paloma Picasso Loving Heart pendant in size small. It would be great for everyday. I used to have the open heart necklace in size small. That is also a nice size for everyday.
  3. I'm so glad you started this thread, Melissa! I've been looking at the Tiffany website for the past two weeks trying to decide on an everyday necklace. It's so hard because they don't give dimensions on anything, and everything seems to be on a 16 inch chain (I want 18 inch). I have about 10 necklaces in my shopping cart. It will be interesting to see what items everyone recommends. (I've been thinking about the medium teardrop on an 18 inch gold chain)
  4. I want an 18 inch chain, too! I wonder why they don't give dimensions on the pendants. I really love a lot of Elsa Paretti pendants. I have 6 necklaces in my cart and I can't decide on one. I love the elsa paretti carved heart pendant and the teardrop pendant. The folded heart is cute, too. See what I mean? I need help!!
  5. I wear 18in. necklaces and all you have to do is contact them and order for it to be 18 inches. It usually is an extra $30 to do so, which kind of sucks since they sell the actual 18 in. chain for $50. But for example, the folded heart which my hubby just got me :smile:, the bail in the heart is too small for the chain to come out, so you must order it an 18 in. Sucks.