Your suggestions - Gift for about $200 from Coach

  1. hi,
    I would like to get a gift for a professional woman that is fun and impressive from Coach.
    She is someone who I have worked on several projects with and has always gone above and beyond, therefore always making me look good.

    $200, what's impressive
  2. The Tattersall Agenda (on my personal wishlist...) or one of the other nice planners they offer! Perfect for a busy, organized woman.

    You'd have to know her distinct preferences or her size before you could get her something else, but if you are in a cold-weather area and you know her hand size (and it's an 8 or under), you can get her some gloves. The leather with cashmere lining is divine.

    I'd hesitate to recommend wristlets or wallets or pouches just because that sort of thing is very much a personal preference. However, you might casually inquire if she's ever seen Coach's website and if she likes their things...
  3. oh that agenda is gorgeous...I love those colors....
  4. Great suggestion Lizabet - that agenda is gorgeous.
  5. Another suggestion might be to get her a nice Coach key chain and a Coach gift certificate for the remaining balance so that she can choose her other Coach item. You never know, she just might prefer a nice pair of Coach shoes or a jewelry piece. My BF got me a Coach gift certificate for my B-day last year and I was very grateful for it.... I spent the gift certificate within a few hours after receiving it :p
  6. Top Handle Pouches and swingpacks are under $200 and so practical!

    Agendas and checkbook wallets are nice too. HTH!
  7. I also think the planner is a great suggestion. I really like the Legacy stripes planner myself. :tup:
  8. l love the legacy strips!
    i got her a silk scarf along wit a few other items plus the gift receipt.

    much thx!