Your suggestions for gunmetal bags... for a wallet?

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  1. Since I change bags often I strive for neutrals that will go with any bag. I'd probably get a gorgeous black wallet then use black wristlets/skinnies to go with. Right now for summer I'm using a metallic gold wallet & other gold accessories in my lighter colored bags.
  2. I was thinking black too.
  3. I'm going to go out on a limb with a color option. I have the Mia gunmetal maggie, and I use my berry penelope wallet here is the pic. It appears to go with all of my bags, but you have to like the color :biggrin:

  4. The berry makes a nice contrast, maybe my pink poppy? I have the purple Kristin, but it was meh next to it.
  5. I'm sure it would look nice! I love a pop of color with a handbag, escpecially if its not a bag with a color (black, brown, grey, tan, camel). It also makes it easy to find a wallet that is bright and fun in your bag.:P Take a pic and let us see.
  6. I have a gunmetal Julia wristlet that I use with most of my gunmetal bags.

  7. ^^^ OOOOH Nice wristlet match!! Love it!
  8. I second the love for that gunmetal Julia with the gunmetal textured Brooke!
  9. Ok now i have to find one at a reasonable price. Anyone know if these are at the outlets?