Your style inspirations?

  1. I am not sure if I am in the correct forum, but I think I am. I am apologizing in advance if I am not. Anyways, Who or what are your style inspirations?? I love this question because people get inspired by the most interesting things and of course because I am obsessed with style.
  2. Ok, my answer is slightly embarrassing...

    I used to be a nanny so I just got in the habit of watching all these dumb kids shows. Anyway, I love the way they style the characters on the show KyleXY. The girl that plays Laurie usually wears: designer jeans, a flowy top and a little blazer with lots of funky acessories. Ilove the way they do her hair and makeup too. :shame:


    I also get a lot of ideas from Lucky Magazine...
  3. i get inspiration from celebrities, i love the boho look of Nicole Richie and Kate Moss, but also love the polished look of Jennifer Lopez. I never directly copy a celeb, but i take their ideas and create my own look.

    There are some good vintage shops here in Leeds, so i look to them for inspiration, and just looking through magazines gets my mind ticking on new styles too!

    It's very important to know what suits you as well, i love Kate Moss and Nicole Richie's looks, but i've got boobs and hips! so i know i have to put my own twist on the look to make it flatter me!
  4. i really love the way nicole richie dresses.. I always get inspirations from her
  5. I like dressing in basics, like Angelina Jolie. (And I have to admit, I wear too much black too!)
  6. Kristen Bell and Rachel Bilson. Especially Rachel. I would love to live in her closet!
  7. I don't draw inspiration from anything or anyone specific. I create my own style. It's very simple and comfortable.
  8. my outfit ideas usually come from magazines, catalogs, television...basically anything i see that catches my eye. celebrities are a big inspiration for me too. some of my favorites are cate blanchett, kate bosworth, kate moss (kates are very stylish!), ashley olsen, jennifer aniston, and rachel bilson. i absolutely love the way they dress...or how their stylists dresses them!
  9. I love love love SJP! I have some Pierrot knitted arm warmers of hers (weird yes I know) that I bought at the Sex & The City Wardrobe sale in '04.

    Also, Trinny & Susannah, the irritating but right stylistas in the UK who know how to dress women according to their shape. As a shallow hourglass, I know what shapes do and don't suit me.

    Italian designers Alberta Ferretti, Valentino and Prada also heavily influence what I apsire to.
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  10. Mostly from magazines, random people on the street, just seeing things in stores, and sometimes, though rarely, from friends.