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  1. Hi all....

    I wanted to start this thread because we always hear of members looking for LE items!

    Please post the store location, date you were there, and LE items you saw!

    I'll start:

    Michigan Ave, Chicago 5/19/2007

    Nimbus: Biege & Ecru
    Stratus GM: 2 Ecrus
    Lambskin Rivets: Black & White
    LVOE off shoulder top
    LVOE bandeau
    LVOE scarf
    LVOE charms
    Lots of Dentelle (no Kirstens though)
    Bags & Trunks ronde: Only 1 coral left
    New Bags & trunks mini pochette

    Michigan Ave Saks, Chicago 5/19/2007

    Dentelle Scarf
    Blue Patchwork Bowly
  2. 19 May 2007 at the Brisbane Australia store:

    LVOE bandeau
    LVOE brooch
    LVOE satin tote in khaki
    Sweet monogram hoops in gold and silver
    Sweet monogram pendant

    That's all I had time to observe :P
  3. LV store at the Forum Shops in Vegas

    LVOE brooch
    LVOE phone charm
    LVOE totes
    Sweet mono jewelry...both colors
    Dentelle jewelry...ring and bracelet
    Dentelle bags
    Rivets and white
    Cotton bracelet with LV charms on it...don't know what it's called
    They pretty much always have everything! I LOVE this store!!
  4. I don't know how much point there is to post how the Oslo store is stocked, but it has virtually everything at this point, every dentelle bag, every LOVE tote and the corsaire. I don't know about the olympe bags as they are not on display.
  5. if anyone is heading to singapore, the LV stores has many items too. eg azur, pomme, dentelle,
  6. Montréal Canada Ogilvy Louis Vuitton: May 22, 2007

    -Nimbus (both colours)
    -Satin LVoe Totes (all colours)
    -LVoe scarf/bandeau
    -Denim Cruise custom. pleaty
    -Rivetting Lambskin
    -LOTS of Dentelle
    -Round keychain thingies ya know with the pastel-like colours and bags+trunks logo and dented brass harware lol (don`t know name... but Classic Chic has 3 of them I think lol)

    -Neverfull available but not yet for purchase until June 28 (?)
    -All new MC bags
    -Mono and Epi Eugénie (MC Eugénie wallet not available yet)
    -All Nomade bags
    -All white bijoux fantasie
    -Several mandarin Epi bags and wallets/accessories
    -Suhali blue l'Affriolant :drool:
    -Lotsa pomme
  7. Are there any pics anywhere of these items? I've never heard of them before! TIA!
  8. Cecilia, I have a friend going to Montreal and she is dying for a Kirsten, you said lots of Dentelle, is that just Speedy and BH or do they perhaps have a Kirsten? I told her it is a long shot, but I promised to ask! Thanks in advance!
  9. I don't have pics of the dentelle bracelet or the cotton looking bracelet....someone was talking about that one. It was featured in an ad. I'll post pics of my dentelle ring....I'm to get the camera out and just do it!! The dentelle collection comes in goldtone or greygoldtone. I got the grey's gorgeous. This is costume jewelry BTW.
  10. Hungary (Budapest) has the Olympe bags I'm pretty sure. I don't know about other LE. (I was there last Friday, the 18th of May.)
  11. Hong Kong

    LV Pacific Place & Lee Gardens:
    - at least one Nimbus
    - Dentell Speedy and BH, in silver

    LV Landmark:
    - Navy Stripes Polka Dot (sorry! Not sure of the line name) Bowly
    - Patchwork Pouchy
    - Satin Love Totes in both purple and khaki
    - MC heart
    - lots of Dentelle as well, Speedy and BH, in both gold and silver

    HK is the place to go! They have so many things available!
  12. Oh and I THINK Landmark or Pacific Place has the MC Eugenie wallet in. Not sure which store it was, too long ago.
  13. dentelle items abound at the boca raton florida louis store and the saks fifth avenue installation store.
  14. I will ask my SA first thing tomorrow morning (of the ones that I saw: fersen, BH, speedy) when's your friend coming to Montreal may I ask? cuz if it's not too long, I can probably ask my SA to hold it for ya *IF* we have it
  15. irishpandabear

    sorry, I called and the Montreal LV doesn't have it, but your friend can ask the store to do a transfer. I'm pretty sure there are still some left in Canada :yes:
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