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  1. Hi everyone! I'm a guy about 5'11 with a slim/toned body. I have the Neverfull GM in DE and use that mostly for my school bag or when I'm coming back home for the weekend. I don't know how you ladies do it, it's sometimes too big for me! Haha. Anyways, before I bought my Neverfull I had a Speedy 40 in monogram and loved that bag but even that was definitely too big for every day use but perfect for an overnight trip.

    Now I'm just really wanting an every day bag and one that I could use over summer when I'm out and about and maybe even bring it with me to Europe since I'm studying abroad and a speedy zipper closure is more secure. I'm torn between the sizes though. I hear that the 35 is a good size just in case you want to put more stuff in but some ladies say that it's just too big too? Maybe get the 30? But I just can't decide whether to get the bandouliere in DE or Monogram either. To be honest as much as I love my DE I really wish the leather would become as soft as a vachetta over time so that's what I'm kind of stand-off-ish about but really love the red interior too. Suggestions? Or should I just be happy with my Neverfull and use it more?
  2. I think if you are looking for a new Speedy you could definitely wear the 35 with your height. I wear a 30 and I am only about 5' 4.5" and about 110. The 35 looks like luggage on me, but if I was 5' 11" I would go for it! ;). NF is a great bag too, but more of a tote IMO so there is room for both styles in your collection, especially in different prints. GL!
  3. I would say go for a 35. I have the 35 I think it is the perfect size.
  4. I think size 35 would be perfect for you. I'm 5'2" and love my speedy bandoulieres in the 30 size. It's just enough room for my daily essentials. I think you should stick with DE as it's more masculine and worry free. I hate babying my vachetta bags.
  5. Maybe consider the Speedy 35 because of your height ( the B if you will need shoulder carry). Many enjoy the 35 over the 30 because of easier access since the opening is wider. I have the 40, and use it often for daily use, and it works for me. I am 5'6", 130, but carry lots of stuff! Good luck! :smile:
  6. Check out openings. They definitely are smaller then 40.
  7. Speedy 35 b!

  8. I agree with everyone who said go with the Speedy 35, I also have a 35 and now a Neverfull Gm DE (twinzies) you'll love it xoxo
  9. agree with the other posters re 35 i have a 30 but think it may look a tad small for a guy?
  10. i agree w/ everyone.. speedy 35 in DE! DE is essentially waterproof so you'd get more use out of it than the mono.
  11. Do you cinch the sides of your neverfull? I am 5'9" and I just don't think they are that big. I keep my neverfull gm cinched. I also have a speedy 40 and I don't think it's that big either, but yet again I love my cute little 25 b. ;) The only bag that I ever thought was waaaay to big was the Artsy Mono GM. I almost fell out when I saw the width compared to the MM. - Anyway . . . I think you should get the 'speedy ebene B 30'. Some people feel more comfortable with smaller bags. The 35 may still seem to big for you. Because my 35 to me is the same as my 40. I don't feel it's much smaller, but like I said, that's just me. HTH ;)