Your Specific Shopping Obsession

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  1. We all have things we must have - maybe sometimes those around us don't understand the particular obsession. What's yours?

    Mine are

    1) miu miu ballet flats --- comfiest and oh so stylish
    2) Pucci blouses, I don't know why, but I keep collecting them
    3) Diptyque candles. I have a huge problem with these. I can't get enough!
  2. Girl I feel you.

    Here's mine.

    1. Leather jackets. I always told myself that once I found my HG jacket (Balenciaga, natch), I'd give it up, but I got one awhile back and I STILL buy every (discounted) leather jacket that comes my way. Wompwomp. Also leather skirts.

    2. Charlotte Olympia kitty flats. I have no excuse for this. They are just so damned cute.

    3. Cheap, cheap leggings. I prefer my designer things of course (in my defense I only buy hugely discounted at the Rack/sample sales/resale), but I have NEVER met a legging I don't love. Primarily from Costco. You will pry my Costco leggings from my cold, dead hands. (But I only wear long tunics/sweaters over them, would not commit actual fashion crime of camel toe.)
  3. handbags. any kind, cosmetic cases, slg's, pouches, totes, and so on. since i was maybe 5 i have been obsessed with just bags. it's nuts.
  4. Coats (all seasons), bags, shoes. I have done a major purge and am still to embarrassed to say how many I still own.
  5. Printed dresses - DVF, Karen Millen, and Ralph Lauren. I love a great strong print. You just toss on a dress with classic accessories, and you're good to go.
  6. Online shopping for purses and then guilty returns....
  7. V you crack me up. And you reminded me that I need a Bal jacket already...

    For me it's designer shoes, dresses and coats - for 90% off or better. I have hundreds in each category LOL.

  8. Oh yes.... Returns are mostly not my fault though.
    My personal problem-silk on sale. Anywhere-stores, online- Once I see or get silk item in my hands I never let it go. My wardrobe is more then half in silk, and its only Tuesday....
  9. Designer bags and Christian louboutin shoes! I'm obsessed with Chanel in particular...I keep telling myself that I'm done but that never happens!
  10. I don't blame you - they're gorgeous!!!
  11. 1. Essie nail polish. Of course I need every colour of the rainbow! What if I'm in an evergreen mood? I change my manicures on a weekly basis. Ditto with my moods.

    2. Kate Spade key chains. Adorable! Absolutely adorable.

    3. Foreign beauty products. Korean beauty products are a weakness of mine. I could spend hours picking then out.
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  12. Three sets of things:

    - Jackets/Coats (leather mostly but really all types)
    - Shoes (especially pumps and boots)
    - Makeup (lip products and all kinds of palettes (blush, eye shadow, etc!))
  13. Michele watches
  14. Handbags
    Anything suede
  15. Anything silk. I immediately justify and need.
    Skirts. I have almost 150...but that's all I wear. Literally.