Your significant other.....

  1. Do you tell your significant other how much you really spend on your LV items? I just got the multipli-cite bag and my DH asked how much it was. Before I could say anything he said, $500? I said yes, no reason to upset him again (after other recent purchases). It's just too funny. He is so clueless sometimes!!!! :roflmfao:
  2. Yes, I absolutely do. I get an "allowance" and I buy with it whatever I want. He has also made several purchases for me and is fully aware of the costs. He doesn't understand but I also don't understand why we need a six-car garage and all of these "toys" he has. My "habit" is way cheaper than his!!
  3. When my b/f asks I always cut the price in half. It's easier for him to deal with and more convenient for me not having to hear, "are you crazy???".
  4. You guys are too funny...thank goodness men are clueless about designer handbags or ooohhh boy...that is why I am now on a ban starting today!!!!
  5. Yes, unfortunately he sees the price on the credit card:sweatdrop: , we have a card linked to both names so we can collect points.
    I would much rather he didn't know. A friend of his came round and was staring at my cerises speedy so hubby goes "How much you think that was?" His mate goes, "hundred bucks???" :roflmfao:
  6. I tell my husband, he doesn't care though. He bought me a LV piece after I got my first LV purse. Of course he wonders why I would spend so much money on a purse, but I wonder why he would spend so much money on a car!! So, my obession is LV purses and his is 69 camaros :nuts:

  7. LMAO....exactly! When I "agreed" that the purse was $500 he said "I wouldn't pay $500 for that 'thing'". If he only knew!
  8. Mine only asked once and hasn't since :upsidedown: (he asked about my Saleya PM and got really quiet when I told him). If/when we do merge our finances he will of course know the truth. :yes:
  9. I'm single so I only have to justify my purchases to myself. :smile: That said, my guy asked how much the Speedy Inclusion charm was and I just said "you probably would rather not know". LOL I don't think he would believe it.
  10. Sometimes dh will ask for the prices and sometimes he doesn't. But when he does, I let him know the price. So far, he's been okay with it.
  11. Yes, I tell him the exact price of everything. I am responsible with my spending (no debt) and my rent/bills/food/necessities/etc are taken care of, so I feel as if I have nothing to hide :yes:
  12. You go Heather...LV has gotten my into some debt but, I cannot help is soooo gorgeous!!!!!
  13. Yes, I tell mine the exact amount. I get an allowance and I buy whatever I want, but he has also got me several of my bags.
  14. Man I need an allowance after hearing about all the folks who get do I bring that subject up?????? Little allowance could mean another LV...not sure if the allowance thing would fly in my house...may try...but, not sure he would agree...what do you say to get one?? I buy all my own I need to be spoiled just a little...
  15. :lol:

    LOL I have the same scenario as Syntagma, except we don't have a 6 car garage yet (or a house for that matter!) because we are just is not until Nov. 2008