Your Signature Style ?

Jan 23, 2006
My personal signature style

I wear a lot of Black always carrying a fabulous bag with killer boots and spiked heels. I wear alot of unusual jewerly pieces necklace and braclets, Im always (all year round ) wearing my favourite sunglasses by Dolce, Chanel or Fendi.

This seems to be my signature style, Whats yours ?
I never thought I had a signature style, but my friends say whenever they see a cowl neck sweater or a sweater with a unique neckline (like an asymetrical fold or buttons) they think of me. So would that be considered my signature style? :huh: I also layer a lot . . . I have a ton of henley shirts and fitted button down shirts that I wear over tank tops with jeans.
I'm not sure if I have one, I'm a student, so I wear a lot of hollister, abercrombie and urban outfitters ( affordable, but cute and nice quality!). I think that I'm a bit of a style chameleon! I adapt my look to however I'm feeling in that moment, season, month- whatever. I used to have short choppy hair with a big blonde chunk and a silver stud lip piercing. These days I have nice, normal dark brown hair- and I wear typical things. :smile: I like to combine things that people normally wouldn't think of putting together.

I know I'm rambling, but I'm having a truly horrible night and this is a pleasent distraction. :smile:
Outside of work it's jeans, a tank top or T-shirt, and my Reef flip flops. At work, it's pants or a skirt, solid color turtlenecks, cardigans with solid color tank tops or T-shirts layered underneath, or a nice striped 3/4 sleeve button down shirt, and heels, open-toe or pumps. I'm pretty basic when it comes to clothes :biggrin:
I usually wear black, but I loveeee colored Dolce tops, the sleeveless logo ones. My favorite one is a magenta color. My outfits are usually toned down to show off my bag :lol:
I have two main ones.
Comfy-casual: Jeans, zip up hoodie, diesel sneakers or uggs, no purse. I have my open heart necklace and small diamond studs from Tiffany's in at almost all times.
Dressy-casual: Jeans, stilettos, cute top, purse, more jewelry.

My clothes are all from nearby boutiques, savvy @ Nordstrom, online, or Saks. Basically brands you'd find on mixed with some designer items here and there. Lots of basics, no graphics, soft fabrics, color. I like my shoes to be less than $100 but splurge on my purses. Chanel sunglasses when it's sunny. I always smell like Chanel Chance, wear my hair down and minimal make-up.
I have 3, depending on my mood: ;)

1) Nerdy-Look: baggy college sweatshirts + glasses w/o makeup.
2) Punk Rock: black baby tee + funky "Hot Topic" pants w/ buckles + lots of metal bracelets + dark makeup.
3) Normal: looking like any average mid-20s girls out there :lol:
at work all designer work apparel, heels, boots, designer bag, sunglasses.

outside of work I'm always in ripped up jeans, abercrombie cargo pants, hoodies, tees, clogs and flip flops, always a designer bag and sunglasses though.
I feel like my style is still evolving. I tend to lean toward simple, classic styles. I'm very short so find that elaborate styles and patterns tend to overpower me, but I do swing between classic and more bohemian looks.

Work is pretty basic - slacks, a sweater (or a nice t-shirt during warmer weather) and a jacket. When it's really warm, I often wear a blouse as a jacket over a t-shirt (have to layer due to unpredictable air conditioning in the office). I've always been a handbag gal, but the quality of my bags has risen sharply in the last few months, LOL! Jewelry is less bohemian these days...used to love big dangly beaded earrings and necklaces, now they are simpler/smaller but almost always gold. I like ankle boots with a 2-3" heel in all but the warmest weather under slacks, and I don't wear skirts much at all.

My hair has been mostly pixie short and red for the last several years, but now I'm letting it grow out and have more gold highlights. I'm working toward a more caramel color. Not sure how long I'm going to be comfortable with.

Weekends are jeans, loafers, clogs or boots, t-shirt or sweater and a hoodie, sometimes under another jacket. For going out (on those rare occasions when we go out anymore), I have some nice Chico's pieces that I can throw on. (Yes, I went through a Chico's phase a couple of years ago, still wear their jeans because they fit me better than any others....:shame: )
My signature style is jeans!! lol I love jeans. Depending on the weather, I top them with a long sweater, cute tee, or tank or sleeveless. I'm too causal. But if I have something to go to I usually wear a floor length skirt, and 3/4 sleeve dressy top.