Your signature look, every day...


Sep 11, 2006
Every morning, we wake up, brush our teeth and start on our mile long skin care.

When you start putting your make-up, do you guys have a signature look? E.g. bronzed and loads of mascara, pale with red lips, etc.

This thread is for you guys to post your every day looks, including your make-up, hair and such.

so, go ahead and post!!!:nuts:

Lady Jane

I am coool
Dec 2, 2006
Well my signature look is more of a natural 60's/70's look. I use concealer to get rid of dark spots under my eyes. I blend in eyeliner and use mascara lightly on both my top and bottom eyelashes. than, i use blush on my nose and my cheeks very lightly. and if my lips are to red that day (they are naturallly a rosy color) i powder them out to make them light and pinkish. I try to make my eyes stand out without using alot of makeup. :smile:

than i usually i brush my hair and than find something plain to wear. i mean like usually a black turtleneck and a pair of jeans are good for me. with a nice necklace. i like to keep my outfit simple so my face stands out :smile:.

I'm 13 btw


Addicted to Tiffany's
Apr 24, 2006
Fun thread!!

My signature look is:

blonde hair...kinda like J. Simpson's when she is not all extensioned-out!! Alittle past my shoulders, and I either curl it or straighten it with my Chi flat iron.

makeup...Bobbi Brown tinted moisturizer with a few dots of foundation...Guerlain bronzer, pink lipstick, Chanel Satinette far as eyes are concerned, I change my eyeshadow colors up every day but one of my favs is a brown by Chanel called "Chahut".


Sep 20, 2006
I wake up, brush my teeth, wash my face, brush my hair, use lotion and then sunblock (when i remember). I wear no make up whatsoever to work....and just show my naked face~

I just don't have the energy to do much in the mornings..and I work a lot of hours anyway....

However, when I do go out..that is a whole different story....:yes:


Jan 25, 2006
When i have classes I don't put on makeup but all other times my signature look it..
Bronzed face, the cat eye with black eyeliner and naked lunch MAC for my lid! I do nude lips (YSL) with dior lipgloss over it! Oh yeh and lots of mascara. I have brown hair and brown eyes. My hair is usually straight sometimes i curly it and I have side swept bangs.


Sep 11, 2006
When i have classes I don't put on makeup but all other times my signature look it..
Bronzed face, the cat eye with black eyeliner and naked lunch MAC for my lid! I do nude lips (YSL) with dior lipgloss over it! Oh yeh and lots of mascara. I have brown hair and brown eyes. My hair is usually straight sometimes i curly it and I have side swept bangs.
sounds very sexy!


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Jun 1, 2006
My signature look:
Porcelain skin, minimal to no blush (ruddy cheeks hold their own even through a light foundation!)
Black eyeliner, usually upper lids only (Benefit Bad Gal)
Lots of black mascara (Dior show is my new fave)
Neutral lipstick and gloss


Jul 19, 2006
I use tinted moisturizer, concealer where needed, a little powder (t-zone only), and mascara. I have high cheekbones that are naturally darker, so I don't usually wear blush. I use a light colored gloss or cherry chapstick on my lips. My hair is long and blonde. It is usually straight, but sometimes I curl the ends a little. If I dress up, I usually highlight my eyes with black liner and maybe some gray shadow.


Jul 17, 2006
New York
everyday I use bare escentials warmth as an all over face color , i use nars blush in orgasm ( its the best!), lancome definicils black mascara and either chanel gloss in pink oyster or lancome juicy tube in miracle. thats alwaysss my look. occasionally i'll do my eyes but thats rare


Dec 13, 2005
London- UK
Light moistrising foundation (dior skin light), a bit of touche eclat (ysl) for light under my eyes, nude lipliner and lipgloss (both MAC) LOTS of mascara...very light bronzer (dior terrabella or Guerlain terracotta) on cheeks and fine shimmer (no glittry bits or anything) swept on cheek bones for the dewy effect...
I have very straight hair that is so flat so sometimes i tease it up a little with a bit of hairspray, I have a side swept fringe- I usually wear my hair lose or with a scarf or thin gold headband.
My look is very 70's so I am in to the big hair, big eyes nude lips dewy skin look. The whole things takes about 15mins really.


kry5tal...get it?!:]
Jan 3, 2006
I use Bare Escentuals 3 step system, Lancome eyeliner + shadow + mascara for a smokey eye effect, C.O. Bigelow lip balm (love this stuff!). I usually play up my eyes and just use lip balm on my lips.


Oct 12, 2006
All of the following acts are committed with the aid of a 10X magnifying mirror. As looking at things has become increasingly less informative, I find the mirror an invaluable aid in assuring that all cosmetics are applied to the facial area, as opposed to the bathroom wall.

I start with Maybelline Age Rewind, because I have a whole mess of age that needs rewinding, then I cut it with Max Factor HIP to take down some of the pinkness and "moisturizing," because even at 54 my face is still moisturizing itself as vociferously as it did when I was 14.

If the under-eye sideshow is particularly grotesque, I do a bit of Maybelline yellow and/or some Dermablend, then next is eyeliner, to get that out of the way. Some days I do dark blue, some days dark brown, some days basic black. I'm a dark eyed brunette, I can do black eyeliner. Brown and blue pencils are Palladio, blue one is cover girl, or whoever happened to have the best cheap dark blue.** Sometimes I go over it with a bit of Lancome Contrast on an angle brush, or a navy blue shadow that came in one of those big things of 9 squillion eye shadows for $5 that CVS puts out every Shopping Season. Sometimes I just smudge the pencil a bit with a pointy Q-tip.

Next, I guess the signature part is Lancome Drama (blue-violet, or violet-blue, depending on the light, just a kiss of shimmer, the best friend black eyes ever had), in the "crease" and up a bit, some days just the middle of the lid, other days all of it, and sometimes I will "highlight" right under my eyebrows with Lancome Fog (blue-leaning lavender) or Spectra (really really pale blue-leaning lavender.

Then just a little bit of Great Lash royal blue, a fat pale pink pencil above my upper lip, in case the years have robbed it of any volume, and I prefer to keep the fact private, then Wet n Wild lip gloss that is more clear than color but smells like cinnamon and is an inexpensive and fashionably shiny way to keep your lips moisturized, especially in the winter time. I use color #587, I think.

If the Color Gems demi - permanent that I use to combat my naturally black hair's completely unauthorized decision to turn naturally white, thus setting a very bad example for my eyebrows, has worn off, I locate the delinquents and bat at them reproachfully with an angle brush of either the Contrast or Navy blue.

That's it! Fabulousness having been achieved, I go forth to choose clothing and bling!

** The very best blue was a brand called Prestige that I can't find any more. They made the perfect royal blue. I only have a few stubs left, that I save for special occasions.


easily amused
Mar 11, 2006
side of the sea
i try to look like a porcelain doll. very pale but healthy looking skin, pink blush, pinkish red lip gloss (chanel spark usually) at night sometimes i wear red lipstick (max factor reel red) and more mascara. the paleness is probably the signature part. no tanning. no bronzer. ever. and i always have lip gloss in my pocket. always. :smile:

i've been lazy lately makeup at all (except lip balm. see. always). horrors. and yet the world still spins and i get twenty minutes more of sleep. hehe.