Your signature can not be longer than 1000 characters including BBCode markup????

  1. i keep getting this when i want to "add" text to my signature. i don't think i have anywhere near 1000 characters in my signature! Please Help!!!!
  2. All the custom colors do add up in code... :idea:
  3. now it makes sense, thanks Vlad!
  4. Yep it is the color!! That all adds up as code :yes:
  5. :push:
  6. :push:

    Caffeine has kicked in.. When you guys say blogs are allowed as signature links, but not similar websites, are blogs about shopping bad? Even just personal shopping? Ie. my own shoppaholicism?
  7. Just to be honest, I have to say that I wish there was an even smaller limit to the amount put in a signature line. This including pictures. I see HUGE pictures and laundry lists and multiple tickers, etc etc. I see a person post a "ITA" then have to scroll through half a page to get to the next post and read it. It's just my own pet peeve. Just thought I would vent.
  8. ^^ I hear ya, Hubba. [Oh and my ticker is coming down tonight, hehehehe]
  9. Pursegrrl, I am talking about multiple tickers. Congrats to you for your new job btw! :smile: I am all for having goals, but having multiple ones for a signature line for every future shopping experience (6 months from now) is a bit much, kwim?
  10. It is probably not necessary to state that We the Far from Humble Dial-Up Peasantry love sigs!

    We are especially partial to small, compact sigs, with thumbnail images that we can click to when we want to see a larger version...
  11. straight from teh stallion's mouth:

    As a posting member of our Purse Forum, please adhere to the following signature rules. Non-compliance will result in removal of your signature.

    • Limit the total area occupied by your signature to approximately 400 pixels wide by 300 pixels tall (including images and text).
    • Links to personal blogs/web sites are fine. However, links to topically related sites or other forums are not permitted.
    • Links to your commercial web site for established members (5 months & 500 posts minimum) only. Please seek pre-approval with an administrator. Absolutely no links to sites selling/promoting counterfeit items and eBay stores/pages.
    • No more than one ticker graphic.
    • Do not use overly large fonts or more than 5 smilies.

    Frankie, I'm pretty sure yours keeps getting edited because your's exceeds the size Vlad shows an example of:yes:
    Just hit enter in the middle and make it not so wide.
  12. Ahh.. in width, do you mean? I've been so confused, I thought width would hardly be an issue since it's only as wide as the thread page anyway, and the text isn't larger than 'normal' size, just red. I just didn't expect a line of text to be considered bad when when whilst using this forum I'm scrolling past people's signatures that take up half a page in height! :blink: How could just being wider than that enormous box above be bad when it's not as awkward to look at as something high that actually impairs viewing the forums?

    When I got the first warning I took part of it away anyway, thinking that overall it must have been too high at two lines plus my blog graphic (itself two lines high but as wide as that black box), it suddenly dawned on me (above, lol) that maybe it's my blog link that's the problem. I never even considered this before because it's just a daft blog I only post in monthly anyway, but since it is mostly about (my) bags and shopping I figured maybe that's the problem seeing as my signature didn't seem BIG to me at all!

    Anyway, I'm at work now and can't view my sig properly at the mo as work block images and show the text funny, so I'll see about mucking around with it once I get home again later. :tup:
  13. Just another thought, perhaps it's displaying differently on others' screens, too. At home my signature fits neatly within the width of the page, but on this pc at work it's halfway wrapped onto the next line. :shrugs:
  14. it's about twice as wide as the box Vlad shows.
    That's why I suggested inserting some enter keys to make it break up more.

    Honestly, I think consistency is the key.

    Vlad gave a box so people can make sure their's fits. If it doesn't it can get removed. It's easier to be consistent than remembering who can do what and why.
  15. Is it better now? I reduced the text size to 1, and whacked a return in the middle. I can't tell how it looks as this computer won't show the smaller text size! :push:

    If this was the problem then, maybe I'd be allowed to have my blog link here after all!? :p