Your shipping company choice

  1. Which shipping company's insurance would you use if you are sending something expensive?

  2. For very expensive items, I sent them via USPS Registered Mail with insurance. For internation shipping, I ship them via Global Express with insurance.
  3. USPS can get expensive when you ship things over a pound. I like Fedex because it's usually cheaper than USPS and UPS and it includes insurance and delivery confirmation in the price. Plus, if the person is not home to receive the package, they can easily pick it up. I had to pick up something from UPS once and it was so disorganized, people were yelling. I have never used DHL to give a comment about them.
  4. I never send anything of value thru the post office. I ship only UPS or Fedex because they can track it and know where your item is at all times. Also 9 times out of 10 they are more reasonably priced including insurance than the USPS. But you always have to remember that they check to box for Signature confirmation, you pay more for that option. Do not mail anything without requiring a signature.
  5. I use USPS.
  6. I always use USPS
  7. USPS for me too. I love that they will come to my door and pick it up for me. It may cost a bit more, but that's worth more than my time to haul myself somewhere to mail it.